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Sinch CPaaS review

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According to Juniper Research, enterprise spend on CPaaS solutions is set to increase to around $6.7 billion by 2022. The demand for simple and customisable communications solutions is growing at a time where companies can’t afford to compromise on the connections; they make with their target audience.

Through the flexibility of a cloud-based CPaaS platform, businesses have the option to easily and quickly integrate new communications capabilities into their applications. You can unlock everything from voice and video to instant messaging without having to develop back-end infrastructure too.

Sinch (previously known as CLX Communications), offers their own CPaaS solution to help companies connect with customers and boost productivity. Here’s what you can expect from the Sinch CPaaS experience.

The Sinch CPaaS Platform

Sinch promises to help businesses connect with customers and make engagement more personal with simple and highly programmable tools for communication and operation. The Sinch CPaaS platform offers APIs and SDKs for:

  • SMS
  • RCS
  • Personalisation
  • Voice
  • Verification
  • Firewall signalling


The Sinch SMS API gives companies the opportunity to expand their reach and connect with customers on a new level through the power of text. Now that virtually everyone in the world owns their own smartphone, SMS is one of the most compelling communication channels available. It means that you can reach out your audience wherever you are. What’s more, with Sinch, you can grow your strategy on pace with your business. Features include:

  • One-way SMS announcements
  • Two-way SMS communication
  • Tier 1 super network supported by 250 carrier relationships
  • Carrier grade platform
  • Easy-to-use API implementation
  • Global compliance
  • Speed prioritisation
  • Cost prioritisation

Sinch RCS Messaging API

With RCS messaging, you can deliver interactive and personalised content to consumers that allow them to make purchases from the comfort of their inbox. Improving engagement is easier with an enhanced RCS system that comes with rich media features including action buttons, pictures, video, and audio. Capabilities include:

  • Registered sender status develops trust
  • MMS/SMS fall-back
  • Real-time feedback from analytics
  • Dynamic content that changes according to customer responses
  • Programmable conversations to save teams time

Sinch Personalised Messaging API

Sinch believes that connecting with your audience on any device means delivering the content that’s most likely to delight and engage them. The Sinch CPaaS experience includes messaging products that cover everything from personalised SMS and MMS to dynamic video.

Through personalised messaging strategies, you can reduce churn and strengthen customer relationships through bespoke one-to-one communications. Sinch also gives you the option to increase revenue in a world where one-size-fits-all discussions don’t work anymore. Features include:

  • SMS, web and MMS video
  • Redemption tracking
  • Google and apple wallet coupons
  • VIP entry features
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Sinch Voice Calling API

Though there’s a great deal of power in text and messaging these days, voice still plays an integral part in business and consumer conversations. With the Sinch CPaaS environment, you can connect to your audience anywhere in the world through hassle-free quality voice APIs. The result is greater trust from your audience. What’s more, you can rely on Sinch to access everything from cross-platform support for PSTN, SIP, and VoIP, to enhanced voice quality.

Sinch offers both voice and in-app voice calling with:

  • Conferencing for up to 100 people
  • Call recording
  • IVR menus
  • Text-to-speech
  • Recorded prompts
  • Cross-platform support
  • SIP integration

Sinch Verification API

Today’s customers demand more secure conversations that keep their data and privacy safe. Fortunately, with Sinch CPaaS verification APIs, you can keep your websites, apps, and even your voice systems safe. Sinch offers flash call verification, SMS verification, and voice verification to ensure stronger security and better brand reputations. It’s easy to get your customers signed up, and the REST APIs make developing your tools simpler than ever. Features include:

  • REST API or SDK access
  • Custom templates
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reporting API
  • Lightweight Sinch verification for mobile apps
  • Seamless user experience
  • Route optimisation
  • Call-back on verification
  • Multiple language support

Signaling Firewall API

Another feature of the Sinch CPaaS experience dedicated to protecting your business and customers, the Firewall signaling API allows you to shut down potential problems in your network and protect people from everything from fraud to service disruptions. The innovative firewall strategy was developed in partnership with the Sinch security Research program, which goes beyond GSMA standard recommendations. Features include:

  • Advanced analytics to uncover trends in network attacks
  • Malformed packet attack protection
  • Modular support in SS7, Diameter, and SMS firewall protection
  • Threat intelligence

What Makes Sinch CPaaS Different?

The Sinch CPaaS solution is designed to help companies embrace the latest communication features that they need to thrive as quickly and painlessly as possible. When you sign up for a Sinch account, you get all the guidance that you’ll need to get started, including access to developer support, advanced resources, and tutorials. There’s plenty of documentation, even for beginners.

What’s more, the SDKs and APIs offered within the Sinch CPaaS platform are intended to be quick and easy to integrate. This means that organisations can get their new environments up and running as soon as possible. The Sinch library is packed full of code for developers to explore and test at their leisure, and everything is adaptable to a range of languages depending on your programming preferences. Whether you like PHP, Java, or Python, Sinch has you covered.

The Sinch SDK library and developer documentation environment are available to access today with a free initial signup. What’s more, you can contact Sinch via a range of social media sites if you need additional help.

Originally published in UC Today