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At Sinch, Black Friday is both the biggest day and like every other

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If you thought it was busy on Black Friday in the aisles of retail stores and on screens of all sizes, imagine the behind-the-scenes efforts and technology at Sinch that enabled smooth and on-time communications and powered customer journeys of thousands of companies engaging with their customers.

In “war rooms” from Stockholm to Seattle to Singapore and to Sydney, despite the massive increase in messages transmitted to promote sales, Sinchers ensured that messages spanning the globe were processed in a timely fashion.

Those included transactional communications sent and received that got people to their doctor’s appointment on time, informed them of suspected fraudulent credit card charges, and provided one-time pincodes and authorizations in seconds. When it comes to these type of messages, there’s no grace period given because it’s the busiest shopping day. And, as turned out, none was needed despite the fact that the use of mobile devices is reaching levels that again exceeded lofty projections. Just how big a day was it? Salesforce counted $7.2 billion in U.S. sales on Black Friday. Mobile buying totaled a record 56 percent.  A new high of 73 percent of all digital traffic came from a mobile device. Marketers sent 148 percent more SMS promotional messages year-over-year. According to Adobe, $2.9 billion of Black Friday sales happened on smartphones. Conversions are growing faster than online shopping overall, per the company. It’s no surprise that Sinch experienced big numbers, too:

  • Sinch processed approximately 40 percent more traffic than Black Friday 2018, establishing a one-day high.
  • Volume was nearly double (190 percent) of what is sent and received on an average weekday (Monday-Friday).

No one is more equipped and skilled than Sinch at routing traffic around the world. The results don’t come by accident. There are many months of planning, lessons learned over the years, and capabilities and relationships that all come together to ensure that those who depend on Sinch see Black Friday as like any other day.