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PCC in action – VoLTE use case

PCC In Action – VoLTE Use Case
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Following the release of our latest white paper - How PCC Can Provide A Competitive Edge, in this blog post we look at how PCC works in real life cases, specifically for this post we focus on VoLTE.

Scenario: Operators enabling VoLTE, moving to an all IP network

The PCRF plays a key role in VoLTE as a mediator of network resources for the IMS network. VoLTE  establishes calls and allocates the requested bandwidth to the call bearer in the LTE network. The PCRF gives Mobile Operators the opportunity to offer differentiated and richer voice services to their users, services that are not available or needed in a circuit switched voice environment.

Operators Enabling VoLTE, moving to an all IP network
  1. For an emergency service use-case, the PCRF needs to assign the highest QoS to the emergency call. The PCRF also needs to provide the subscriber location information to the IMS (P-CSCF) so that the call is routed correctly
  2. To support lawful intercept, the IMS (P-CSCF) sends a request to the PCRF, which is then routed to the PCEF for enforcement

Due to limitations in legacy PCRF, a dual-PCRF model for VoLTE deployments is emerging. A model where one legacy PCRF provides policy control for LTE data traffic, and a second PCRF is deployed alongside the legacy PCRF which is capable of handling VoLTE traffic. This model offers benefits by way of reduced complexity and risk when launching the VoLTE service. As VoLTE usage grows, Mobile Operators can move towards a unified policy control for both their data and VoLTE services to fully utilise the possibility of a combined offering.

Regardless of whether the service provider chooses a dual-PCRF model or not, the policy solution deployed must be capable of handling the challenges of managing voice services in a data network, and maintaining the voice quality that users expect.

For use cases on how PCC controls roll over data and quality of service, or to find out how PCC can help with digital transformation, download your free copy of our white paper today.

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