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“Mobile messaging blazes a path to consumers” by Harvard Business Review

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RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging, the successor to SMS, was officially launched in France and the UK a few weeks ago, and if you have an Android phone, you may already be able to receive RCS messages.

Based on a survey of 300 respondents and feedback from the first companies to deploy RCS campaigns, the prestigious American management magazine – Harvard Business Review – published a particularly comprehensive study on the messaging app market and the arrival of this new challenger: RCS.

Messaging apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp have superseded SMS by offering additional differentiating features. However, they are not native to Smartphones. In terms of meeting business needs, these mobile messaging apps are currently used more often than other apps in all areas. Within 5 years, they are expected to play an even greater role in the marketing landscape, with the perceived importance of this channel being likely to grow from 46% to 68%.

But the arrival of RCS – designed to deliver rich functionality in the phone’s native, universal messaging system – could challenge the hegemony of WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger. RCS also meets the three requirements brands look for in a messaging app:

  • Better metrics and analytics data including read receipts
  • Verified sender information
  • Seamless transactions, such as easy-to-use payments

The complete study can be found here: Mobile messaging blazes a path to consumers by Harvard Business Review

Article originally published on the myElefant blog site - July 2019