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Let’s get personal!

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Personalization is helping enterprises finesse the ways in which they communicate with their customers.

Where once personalization meant sending an email or text message that addressed individuals by name, now advances in technology, in particular the intersection between SaaS and messaging, are enabling enterprises to get much closer by communicating against an array of data points. A digital transformation that enables a conversational dialog with individuals, and addresses them according to their specific needs, choices and preferences.

Amongst many of the benefits, personalization is having a major impact on customer engagement and loyalty - not just at the top of the sales funnel, but throughout the customer journey and beyond. Critical business functions, like customer service, cross-selling and upselling are just some of the areas where these benefits are sharpest, capturing attention and encouraging consumers to interact.

Moreover, it’s now entirely possible to add personalized video messaging to the mix, so that communicating with consumers can include rich moving images that faithfully display a product or service in a way that’s deep and immersive, triggering emotional responses, just like a finely crafted TV advertisement.

The fourth eBook in our series, Messaging and personalization – Transitioning from loyalty to relevance, explores the effects of personalized messaging, offering insights, use cases and market stats that indicate how consumers positively respond to the personal touch, and how enterprises can meet the demand for it. Download the eBook here.