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Kjell Arvidsson’s 2017 Mobile Messaging Predictions

SMS · 09/01/2017 · 1 min read

by Kjell Arvidsson

With analysts forecasting that there will be more than 1.5 billion Cellular enabled IoT devices by 2021, this will be the year that the power of cellular IoT connectivity makes a big impact on all kinds of connected, smart devices. This will happen at the SIM card level with the introduction of reprogrammable SIM cards.

Enterprises and manufacturers that wanted to include cellular connectivity within their products were previously challenged to find a global solution that gave them the control they needed to optimized coverage and costs depending on the location of the device. For example, automotive companies, that manufacture cars that self-diagnose engine problems and message the auto service-center, find it difficult to manage situations where their cars cross country borders due to the high costs of roaming. The reprogrammable SIM solves this problem, reduces the need to know where a device will be shipped to and eliminates the cost of changing physical SIM cards.

2017 will see the reprogrammable SIM connectivity model come to the IoT market, breaking open a new area of the ecosystem.

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Originally Published by CLX Communications.