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Introducing Sinch Video calling with WebRTC Technology

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With our Video SDK, you can easily add real-time in-app video calling to anywhere in the world over a data connection or WiFi from your website or app. Sinch offers high quality video chat communication and seamless integration into any existing app. Video is offered as part of our robust Voice SDK.

Video chat adds value to your app

Enhance the in-app communication experience by letting users collaborate via video chat anywhere in the world. From enterprise collaboration to social messaging to customer support or healthcare on demand, video calling takes an app's functionality to the next level and adds the incomparable value users gain from seeing each other face to face, regardless of industry.

Features of Sinch Video calls

Cross-Platform Integration

In-app video calling is supported on iOS, Android & Javascript for seamless integration across all three platforms

Peer to Peer Support and Proxy

Sinch provides proxy fallback when P2P is not available for in-app video calls

Pause and Resume

Video streaming is on demand and controlled by the user with functional pause and resume as needed

Video and Audio

Switch between audio and video calling as needed throughout a call

Adaptive Resolution

Screen resolution will automatically adjust based on available bandwidth and usage

Screenshot Captures

Capture important views from the video stream to reference later for effective collaboration

Industry Leading WebRTC Technology

Developers retain complete control of the UI, call flow, and video stream with a quick import of the lightweight Sinch SDK. Integration is seamless and your UX remains streamlined. There is no need to use any backend to get started, you can just import the SDK into your existing project and turn on video calling in minutes. Sinch improves upon WebRTC with dynamic audio and video codecs, automatic and adaptive configurations, adjusting latency and audio quality according to network speed and bandwidth.

Sinch maintains the server directory of relevant user IP addresses enabling all initiated calls to be successfully completed and to reach the correct “peer” anywhere, anytime, with consideration for hardware diversity across devices. Sinch STUN servers facilitate discover of external IP addresses and facilitate communication between devices. When a P2P session is not possible, the TURN server will establish connections between asymmetric firewalls.

Customer Use Cases

From an unparalleled customer support experience to face-to-face healthcare to dating, video calling significantly enhances the user experience and increases engagement. Today we are proud to power RC Platform's social app that connects users at random for a video chat to establish deeper relationships before meeting in person.

Get Started with voice and video chat

Learn more about Sinch in-app video chat API, voice API, view the documentation, and start coding to give your users HD video calling across devices!

What's Next?

Next up for Sinch programmable video is a reliable and cost-effective video conferencing solution. Interested? Please let us know.