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How fax API reigns supreme over traditional fax

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Let's talk about faxing 

Remember the days of standing by a fax machine, waiting for a document to slowly transmit? Those days are long gone, thanks to the rise of fax API.  

This digital solution is changing the game, making faxing faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. But how does it stack up against traditional faxing? Let's dive in. 

The hang-ups of traditional faxing 

Traditional faxing has its charm, but it also comes with a few drawbacks: 

The cost of doing business 

Running a traditional fax machine isn't cheap. You've got to shell out for the machine itself, not to mention the ongoing costs of paper, ink, and phone lines. It all adds up. According to a report by Verified Market Research, these costs can be significantly reduced with online fax services. 

The waiting game 

With a traditional fax machine, you can only send or receive one fax at a time. That means a lot of waiting around, especially if you're dealing with a high volume of faxes. 

Lost in translation 

Traditional fax machines don't play well with digital systems. This often leaves you stuck manually entering faxed information into your digital systems, which can be a real-time-suck. 

Enter fax API 

Fax API is shaking things up in the world of faxing. Here's why it's a game-changer: 


No more waiting by the office fax machine! Incoming faxes are available in your email inbox and outgoing faxes can be uploaded electronically with the click of a mouse from your computer. 

Fewer resources needed 

With fax API, there's no need for a physical fax machine taking up space in your office.You won’t have to worry about buying ink or paper, equipment repair and maintenance, or paying for a dedicated phone line for faxing. 

Location flexibility 

Fax API allows you to send faxes from anywhere in the world with internet access, since incoming faxes go straight to your email inbox. Whether you're working from home or on a business trip, you'll have immediate access to any important documents. 

Going green 

Virtual fax sends incoming faxes to your email, so there's no need for printing documents unless you need a physical copy. This not only saves paper but also helps your business reduce its environmental footprint. 

Greater security 

Fax API is more secure than traditional fax. Files are encrypted during sending and only accessible via the chosen email address or by logging into the fax portal. 

Easy recordkeeping 

Storing faxes is easier with fax API since you can electronically sort and file documents directly from your email, instead of keeping bulky physical files or scanning physical faxes for electronic storage. 


Real-world impact: Spruce Health 

Don't just take our word for it. Spruce Health, a leading provider of communication solutions for healthcare providers, made the switch to fax API and hasn't looked back. 

The challenge 

Spruce Health needed a secure and efficient way to send and receive faxes that followed HIPAA regulations. Traditional faxing wasn't cutting it. 

The solution 

Sinch Fax API to the rescue! Spruce Health was able to integrate faxing into their existing application, making it easier for healthcare providers to send and receive faxes. 

The result 

Since making the switch, Spruce Health has seen a significant reduction in the time and resources spent on faxing. It's a big win for their team and their clients. 

The future of faxing 

According to a report by MarketWatch, the fax market is on the rise, and fax API is leading the charge. As more businesses see the benefits of this digital solution, we expect to see it become the new norm. 

Wrapping up 

When it comes to faxing, fax API is the clear winner. It's more efficient, cost-effective, and integrates seamlessly with digital systems. If your business is still stuck in the world of traditional faxing, it's time to make the switch. Trust us, you won't look back. 

Ready to make the switch to cloud-based faxing? Talk to a Sinch voice expert today and discover how we can help your business thrive in the digital age. 

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