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77 customer experience statistics shaping business in 2023 and beyond

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How can brands make a name for themselves in the digital age? In the smartphone era, savvy customers have the power to find any product or service they need at the lowest cost with the tap of a finger. Now that customers have so many options, is brand loyalty going the way of the dinosaur? Heck no!

Today’s consumers want the total package from their brands: speed, convenience, knowledgeable support, interactivity, and friendly service. In other words, customers are looking for brands that can deliver an exceptional experience - and will keep coming back for more when they get it.

Businesses that take this to heart today could be the market leaders of tomorrow. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of customer experience statistics to show the growing importance CX will have for any brand looking to differentiate itself from competitors over the next decade. Keep reading to learn more about the state of CX and customer expectations in 2022.

What is customer experience (CX)?

Customer experience (CX) measures how the relationship between a customer and a brand changes after every interaction. Every touchpoint a customer has with a business can influence their experience, perception of the brand, and ultimately whether or not they’ll become or remain a customer. 

So, what makes a customer experience good? The data below will show what customers want and expect from businesses in 2022.

Graphic shows statistics that define what the customer experience is

The importance of CX

As the statistics above show, customers have high expectations. Doesn’t it seem like businesses need to put in a ton of effort to give customers what they want? You bet!

This data will show why investing in CX is so important and why it pays off exponentially when you do.

Graphic highlights statistics showing why customer experience is important for businesses

Key customer trust statistics

One of the top goals and benefits of CX is greater brand loyalty among customers. Well, that doesn’t happen overnight.

These stats will show why trust is so important in building brand/customer relationships, and what CX-minded businesses do differently to nurture trust.

Graphic highlights statistics that show why customer trust is important for businesses

Mobile customer experience statistics

Communication is everything in CX, and brands need to be in the right channels to meet their customers. In 2022, the data shows that mobile-first CX can’t be ignored, and robust and rich messaging capabilities and omnichannel support are the keys to delivering great mobile experiences.

Graphic shows how mobile phones are important for a good customer experience

Where businesses can improve CX

We’ve heard what customers want, but are businesses getting the message? This data will show that brands still have room to grow in terms of delivering rewarding, frictionless customer experiences.

Graphic shows data on where businesses can improve their customer experiences

Customer experience investment statistics

Although we’ve seen that businesses still have room to grow, that doesn’t mean they aren’t on a mission. These stats make it clear that organizations are investing heavily in customer engagement tools that power best-in-class CX. 

Graphic includes statistics that show how businesses are investing in customer experiences

The future of customer expectations

What can we learn from these customer experience statistics? In the years ahead, it seems clear that consumers want more control over their own experiences and expect effortless engagements – it’s a customer journey that doesn’t feel like a journey at all. 

In order to deliver, businesses need an integrated communication ecosystem that both supports conversations and uses intelligent automation to:

  • Make things simple for customers 
  • Build trust with every digital interaction
  • Deliver more value with every customer engagement 

Want to pore over the most recent data? Our annual report on CX trends offers further insight into how your business can move from reactive to proactive to keep pace with changing customer expectations.