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CPaaS is helping enterprises keep ahead of the technology curve

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Mobile first enterprises like Uber, Airbnb and any given challenger bank, are winning the battle for customer loyalty and attention. Their approach has enabled them to leapfrog the time and cost associated with changing legacy IT systems, giving them the edge when it comes to adapting to new consumer trends and technologies.

Now the battle-ground for precious loyalty and attention is shifting to customer service. Where is my cab? What is my bank balance? Do you have this shirt in orange? Are all questions that consumers want a response to in the moment.

A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS and OTT (Over-The-Top) messaging applications have enabled more instantaneous interactions. But as new technologies and devices in turn spawn new patterns of demand, customer engagement itself is a moving target. Consumers are seeking out even richer, more convenient customer service experiences, and it’s chatbots, two-way SMS, in-app video calling, emojis and RCS messaging that are providing it.

Navigating these channels, even for the most agile business, is a complex task. Disparate platforms and APIs cost, in terms of infrastructure and human resource.

Savvy enterprises are turning to Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). It offers a quick and cost-effective integration with multiple communication channels via a single, programmable API. Voice, video and text can be integrated into an enterprise’s own application so that features like chatbots, in-app messaging support and click-to-call service agents can easily be added into any app as off-the-shelf modules.

As well as reducing the complexity and CapEx of operating multiple communication channels, CPaaS platforms allow the data from them to be analyzed, so that for example, tracking customer engagement across different channels is seamless, and responses can be personalised and contextual. No more data silos, just one accurate customer view.

And because CPaaS is a cloud-based as-a-service model, new features, updates and fixes are installed by the provider and accessible automatically via the cloud. This allows greater scalability, and reduces time to implementation, pushing enterprise agility and ultimately helping them stay ahead of the technology adoption curve.

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