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CLX launches guide to GDPR and enterprise messaging

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With less than two weeks to go before GDPR becomes mandatory for every business that uses, processes or stores personal data, CLX has produced a comprehensive guide to GDPR and enterprise messaging, to help businesses traverse this far-reaching regulation.

If your business sends or processes enterprise messaging, our guide provides explanation and practical advice on key areas, such as:

  • GDPR defined roles - where companies fit as a Data Processor, Controller or Sub-Processor.
  • What qualifies as personal data within enterprise messaging, including message content as well as mechanical data such as MSISDN and IMSI numbers – typically used for two-factor authentication
  • Data security – is your data safe?

The guide also covers the rights of EU Citizens under the GDPR, including how messaging relates to informed consent, transparency on how their data is stored, what it will be used for, the right to data portability, and the right to be forgotten.

In March, CLX launched its own GDPR compliant messaging infrastructure that guarantees message data remains within the European Economic Area, and a specific routing class that ensures messages sent to Data Subjects (consumers) in the EU, will only use mobile network operators located within the EU, without needing to hand-off any data to third parties.

Robert Gerstmann, Chief Product Officer at CLX commented: “For just about every enterprise the GDPR is uncharted territory. The CLX Enterprise Messaging Guide explains, in granular detail, the far-reaching regulation and how, within the enterprise messaging sphere, compliance can be achieved.

“CLX has also worked exhaustively on ratifying our own technology platforms so that the CPaaS services we provide for our enterprise customers, in terms of GDPR, are robust and future-proof.” Download the CLX Guide to Enterprise Messaging today.

Originally Published by CLX Communications