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Benefits of a tier 1 super network

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Lisa Cowart, Sales Director at CLX Communications explains the importance of direct Tier-1 routes in an interview with Emarsys ay MWC 2017.  CLX boast the largest Tier 1 Super Network for enterprise communications on the market and Lisa outlines some of the key benefits of using a supplier with a large Tier 1 footprint.  The benefits outlined by Lisa are as follows:

  • Enhanced Security: Content is sent directly to the delivering operator over secure channels, meaning that your content is never exposed to any third parties.
  • Higher delivery rates: Direct connections typically have higher delivery rates as the provider can tune their platform to fully decode possible error messages and ensure delivery retries are done successfully.
  • Better redundancy: A large number of direct connections ensure that alternative routes are available in the unlikely event that a single connection fails.
  • Two-way SMS: Direct connections enable interactive SMS service using Short Codes and Long Codes so that customers and other users can send messages back to your application.
  • Better feature support: Features such as Dynamic Sender IDs, support for concatenated and Unicode messages, and Delivery Reports are more reliably supported when using direct connections.

Watch the video below to hear Lisa explain how we work with direct connections to create the best cloud communications service in the industry! Originally published by CLX Communications