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7 reasons why App to Phone Calling NEEDS to be in your next App

28 Sep 2014 - 3 min read

The size of the smartphone market continues to grow rapidly and with it comes a new opportunity for you to interact with your customers. In the USA alone, eMarketer forecast that the number of smartphone users will increase by 34% in the next 4 years.

In the past year, there has been a major shift in the way app calling has been adopted, and today some of the biggest names in OTT and social apps (think WhatsApp, Line, Viber) are all rushing to add voice calling to their apps.

App to phone calling offers so much potential for developers looking to give a new element of communication, but also an additional revenue stream.

Minimal Costs

With app to phone calling, you can let your users call across the world for a fraction of the cost of standard international calls and roaming charges. By taking advantage of data and PSTN calling, your app can call any cell phone or landline number directly in the app for a minimal cost.

Revenue Stream

By adding an app to phone feature into your app, you can charge your customers a low rate to call any number across the world. Apps such as Line are offering this as a new feature, and the OTT app Rebtel has been doing this since 2007, offering low cost calling.

Expand your user base

Because app to phone calling takes advantage of PSTN calling, your app can call users who do not have the app but do have a cell phone or landline number. This could be used for a simple calling service or for verification, but your user base expands considerably, taking your app out of the traditional app to app market and into a holistic communications tool.

Integrated into your app experience

With traditional app calling, the phone call was taken out of the app experience, and ended in the native calling system. By integrating app to phone calling into your app, your users stay in your app, which improves engagement.

Global Reach

Our app to phone calling service lets you call over 230 countries across the world, both mobile and landline numbers giving your app a global reach when connecting with users.

Flexibility of Devices

Because app to phone calling uses regular cell phone and landline numbers, all your app needs is a phone number and an internet connection. Every phone has a number but not every phone has your app, meaning that app to phone calling has cross device compatibility, perfect for growing your user base.

Security Features

More apps are using SMS and phone calling to verify user identity when setting up accounts. SMS works well, but some industry’s such as banking prefer to use phone calling to verify identity for extra security.

App to phone calling can enrich the experience of any app. Today, more developers are adding phone calling features into their social, banking, dating and business apps to help their users communicate.



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