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5 business messaging success stories you need to hear

MessengerPeople has been acquired by Sinch
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Today we’re so happy to welcome MessengerPeople as an official part of Sinch!

We announced  in September that we would be  teaming up with MessengerPeople, a leading German software-as-as-service platform for conversational messaging. And now, the acquisition is complete!  

So, why should you be as excited as we are?  

Because this makes our conversational messaging platform stronger than ever – and that means great business results for you, no matter what your industry.  

But don’t take our word for it! Matthias Mehner, CMO and General Manager at MessengerPeople, picked out his favorite use cases, which show the huge potential of business messaging – in all industries, across  the entire customer journey. Take a look, get inspired – and get messaging! 

1. MissPompadour: 90% conversion rate after consultation via WhatsApp 

For MissPompadour, an online paints retailer, WhatsApp became a crucial element in conversational commerce. Customers can send photos and videos and thus be advised quickly and easily.

According to Erik Reintjes, CEO of MissPompadour, running a successful e-commerce business is not about  using e-mail or telephone: you have to offer the channels your target group uses the most to intensify contact with customers. They now receive more than 500 WhatsApp requests per day and sell their products in 9 out of 10 chats. 

How MessengerPeople by Sinch helped Miss Pompadour achieve amazing results on WhatsApp

Want to learn more about this use case? You can find more details in the MessengerPeople Playbook!

2. TUI Germany: messaging newsletter with special travel offers via iMessages       

TUI Germany is one of the leading travel agencies in Germany with a big community. In addition to their customer service and travel consulting via Messaging Apps, they also keep their community updated with messaging newsletters via iMessage / Apple Messages for Businesses. They send out current travel offers and tips as push messages to their customers who have subscribed to the service.

The format is convincing because the newsletters arrive directly, don’t end up in spam - as is often the case with e-mails - and the average click-through rate is 35%

"Our experience with business messaging has shown that there is a demand among our customers to receive regular information from us via Apple Messages for Business," says Julie Desmet, Digital Solution Manager. 

3. Women’s Best: 50% faster customer service with WhatsApp and iMessage 

Women's Best, one of the fastest-growing fitness brands globally with several thousand orders a day, provides customer service on sportswear and premium sports nutrition for women via WhatsApp and iMessage (Apple Messages for Businesses).

After a first-level support chatbot has pre-qualified the customer inquiry, Women's Best offers its female customers personal advice via WhatsApp Messenger and Apple Business Chat.  

“At peak times, we had 4,000 e-mails per day; after the switch to WhatsApp, e-mails have been reduced to 20 per day. As a result, the average processing time has dropped by 50 percent," says David Kurzmann, CEO & Co-Founder. 

Read the full customer story here!

Women's Best results using MessengerPeople by Sinch

4. Car Dealer Ostermaier: Sale of 47 cars via WhatsApp within half a year 

The Car Dealer Group, with operations in 7 locations, has integrated WhatsApp directly into its offers on the website. Interested customers can contact the sales consultant about the offer that interests them with just one click. Once the first message is sent, the chatbot asks for the name and then hands over to the sales consultant team – all aligned with their CRM.

Andreas Jerchel, Head of CRM and Digitalization, has seen that the hurdle to getting advice via WhatsApp is lower than visiting a car dealership. As a result, they generated over 250 new contacts via WhatsApp in the first 6 months! 

“We sold 41 cars via WhatsApp in 6 months," he says. Now that's a result you can't argue with!

5. ManpowerGroup: Successful Recruiting via WhatsApp  

Manpower was one of the first staffing companies to introduce WhatsApp as a channel for applicants in 2016. Now, WhatsApp has developed into an efficient interaction and application channel at the staffing service provider. Applicants can apply for open positions directly via WhatsApp. The application process is partially automated: the applicant is guided through the recruiting process on WhatsApp with the help of a chatbot. The chatbot automatically queries all the important parameters for the job posting and passes them on to the recruiter.  

“Depending on the job posting, up to 70% of applicants come via WhatsApp. The dropout rate in the chatbot is very manageable," says James Groh, Digital Coordinator.

MessengerPeople by Sinch and Manpower - amazing messaging results

Many use cases, many success options...and, at the end, always happy customers. Because what’s more convenient than using the channel you use for talking to your friends and families to talk with businesses as well? 

And, as a company, you can start right from scratch by using the MessengerPeople solution, which is now under the Sinch umbrella!  

The platform offers you access to all important messaging apps – WhatsApp, Messenger from Facebook, Instagram Messaging, Apple Message for Business, Telegram, Viber, and more to come. You can manage all of them in one inbox, without installing any software on your desktop, and use the included Chatbot Builder to make your messaging even more efficient.  

All, of course, very scalable: developed for medium and large companies. Whether your company has 10 employees or 1 million, we’ve got you covered!  

Want to learn more about conversational messaging and get to know even more success stories? Download MessengerPeople’s Playbook – the ultimate guide for successful conversation via WhatsApp and other messaging apps.