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4 reasons to sign up with Sinch for verification services

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Following on from our webinar late last year: How to verify numbers with Sinch for login or signup, here’s a quick follow up to take a look at the 4 key takeaways highlighted.

 1. Competitive pricing 

We offer transparent, competitive pricing and we don’t shy away from publishing our prices, that are the most competitive around. 

Pay as you go (and grow). With Sinch you only pay for what you use, and with no additional monthly fees, there’ll be no nasty surprises on your bill. 

2. Highest conversion rates 

We continuously optimize for the best routes, using the real time feedback from our reporting API, which ensures you always get the highest possible conversion rates. 

3. Easy to trial with no commitment 

Getting started with the Sinch Verification API and SDK is simple thanks to the extensive documentation for each platform. In most cases, Sinch can be used without needing a back-end or any configuration, just create an account and get started in minutes. 

With no commitment, you are free to use the Sinch Verification services as and when you need them. 

4. Drop in replacement for Facebook Account Kit 

If your business has an app, and you’re using Account Kit to secure log in, or verify new customers, you’re going to need to find an alternative solution. Not to worry though, our suite of Verification products exposes APIs to solve exactly the same problem, so can be dropped in as a direct replacement for Account Kit to help keep your communities secure. 

Want more information, or fancy watching the full webinar recording? Check out the Verification product pages and get your copy of the recording here. Get a quick visual preview of each of Sinch's verification capabilities: SMS Verification, Phone Call Verification, and Flash Call Verification. Or if you’re ready to go ahead and sign up, head over to dashboard.sinch.com