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Use WebRTC to power voice calling in your mobile app with the Sinch WebRTC SDK for iOS, Android, and JavaScript, and our own MXP signalling technology. Take advantages of all the benefits of WebRTC with our easy to use platform that includes WebRTC Video, as well as calling.

Adding WebRTC Is This Easy




id callClient = [sinchClient callClient];
[callClient callUserWithId:@"John"];
CallClient callClient = sinchClient.getCallClient()
Call call = callClient.callUser("John");
var callClient = sinchClient.getCallClient();
var call = callClient.callUser('John');

Sinch WebRTC SDK Features

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Peer Discovery

Setup on timed intervals to keep firewalls open for the signaling server to notify users of a call

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STUN & TURN Servers

Used to determine external IP addresses or establish connections when P2P is not available

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Adaptive Codecs

Sinch uses robust, bandwidth adaptive, wideband and super-wideband voice codecs for VoIP calling

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WebRTC for iOS & Android

With Sinch, adding WebRTC into your iOS and Android apps is easier than ever. Just follow the documentation and bring in-app calling to your users

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Dynamic Configurations

Superior optimization from adaptive codecs to configuration of variations in hardware

What our customers say

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We tested the market thoroughly, and we ultimately chose Sinch because of their high quality product, ability to scale, and excellent level of customer service.

Eric Setton, Co-Founder & CTO of Tango


Sinch was just simple to use. My developers have said that Sinch was easily integrated and was one of the easiest SDK’s they have ever worked with.

Philipp Mintchin, CEO & founder of SPLYT

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Sinch took 10 minutes to drop in and start calling, and the voice quality is amazing.

Jim Yang, CEO of Gather

Why Add WebRTC?

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Lower Costs

Call across the world for a fraction of the cost of other providers, all with WebRTC

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Universal Connection

The Sinch WebRTC SDK provides a universal connection enabling cross-platform and cross-device connectivity



Offer security to your users with a WebRTC platform that encrypts and secures all transferred data end to end

The Sinch Difference



The Sinch SDKs are easy to use, with superior documentation for developers and product owners, allowing you to add WebRTC into your iOS, Android, and JavaScript apps

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We use our own MXP signaling to offer a more robust and lightweight alternative to SIP for WebRTC

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Sinch uses adaptive codecs and forward error correction for low latency call setup and superior audio. On top of this, we support G.711, G.222, G.729, and iLBC.

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App to App Calling

Add in-app voice calling to enable your users connect over a data connection

App to Phone Calling

Enable calling from your app to landline and mobile phone numbers with PSTN termination

WebRTC Video

Setup fast and high quality real time video calling using our WebRTC SDK

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