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With the Sinch SDK, you can easily add video calling to anywhere in the world over a data connection or WiFi from your website or app. Sinch offers high quality video communication and seamless integration into any existing app. Video is offered as part of our robust Voice SDK.

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Enable patients in remote areas to access medical advice at times that suit them, without even leaving the house


Allow customers to discuss their money matters safely and securely from the comfort of their own home or office


Break down language barriers by allowing customers to use video to speak for them when they're on the other side of the world


Add Value

Video calling enhances the communication experience by letting users collaborate from anywhere for greater productivity

Global Reach

Expand your global reach by enabling your users to connect with each other anywhere in the world, via video

Increase Engagement

Keep users in your app for all their communication needs, including video, for increased engagement and stickiness

Simple to Use

Developers retain complete control of the UI, call flow, and video stream with a quick import of the lightweight SDK, for seamless integration

HD Quality

Arrange one-on-one video calls in HD quality for uninterrupted communication and enhanced productivity

Start in Minutes

No backend to get started, just import the SDK into your existing project and start video calling in minutes!


Sinch offers the most competitive and transparent pricing. No hidden fees. No commitments. Pay as you grow. Check out our pricing page for details.



It's this easy

apple Created with Sketch. iOS

android Created with Sketch. Android

javascript Created with Sketch. Javascript

id call = [self.client.callClient callUserVideoWithId:@"ToId"];

Call call = callClient.callUserVideo("ToId");

var sinchClient = ({applicationKey: '...',
capabilities: {calling: true, video: true}});
var call = sinchClient.callUser('');



Cross-Platform Integration

Video calling is supported on iOS, Android, & Javascript for seamless integration across all three platforms.

Peer to Peer Support

Sinch provides proxy fallback when P2P is not available.

Adaptive H264 Codec

Built on the strength and reliability of the Sinch WebRTC platform for superior audio & visual quality.

Pause and Resume

Pause the video stream to quickly check on something and resume the call with ease


Capture important views from the video stream to reference later for effective collaboration