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Number Masking

Keep your phone numbers safe

Privacy is paramount, masking phone numbers to anonymize voice calls can protect you & your customers while keeping personal numbers safe.

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  • Increased security

    People don’t always want to give their personal phone number out, even to trusted brands. We think that’s fair enough. So we give them & you the chance to remain anonymous with phone number masking, then everyone’s privacy is protected.

  • Avoid revenue leakage

    If phone numbers are shared, you could be cut out of the deal & lose revenue. We’re pretty sure you don’t want that and neither do we. That’s where telephone number masking can step in to save the day (and your bottom line!).

  • Connect your campaigns

    Get the most from your online campaigns - our masked phone number solution can keep tabs on where customers found your contact details, which means you can concentrate on placing effective advertising to get the best bang for your buck.

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Number Masking Coverage

  • Number Masking Availability
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