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A2P 10DLC messaging in the US

Easy set up, high delivery rates, and an improved customer experience all delivered via 10-digit long code.

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The benefits of A2P 10DLC

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    Increase engagement

    Give your customers the option to turn SMS conversations into a more engaging voice call.
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    Future-proof your business

    Protect your brand reputation and steer clear of potential non-compliance fees with a reliable, carrier-sanctioned solution.
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    Get started in no time

    Set up your first 10DLC campaign in five easy steps and start sending in three to five days!
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    Keep costs down

    With low fees and monthly costs, long codes are perfect for limited  budgets or sending lower messaging volumes.
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Increase trust and engagement with A2P messaging

  • Boost brand recognition

    Build trust and increase open rates with local,  recognizable phone  numbers. You  can  even  get  specific area codes!
  • Deliver a five-star customer experience

    Use one number to start a two-way conversation with customers on their preferred channel.
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Amp up your current campaigns with 10DLC

  • Migrate to 10DLC

    Move from shared short codes or un-registered long codes to carrier approved 10DLC numbers and enjoy throughput levels suitable for most SMS campaigns.
  • Upgrade your existing set up

    Complement your current short code set up with a localized, verified presence and enable personalized conversations over SMS, MMS, and voice calls, in one easy solution.
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Find out more about 10DLC best practices

Learn how to launch your SMS campaign with our latest on-demand webinar 10DLC: the future of conversational messaging.

How 10DLC boosts the brand experience

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Healthcare: Reduce appointment no-show rate

Send SMS reminders to patients from a local number they can trust, text back, and call. 

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Banking: Get a handle on suspicious activity

Let your local branches send fraud alerts from a trusted and recognized number. 

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E-commerce: Make deliveries smoother than ever

Keep customers up to date at every step of the delivery process, and let them respond in real-time. 


Create a better user experience

Higher messaging throughput

10DLC numbers offer higher messaging throughput than local or toll-free long codes (30 messages per second, over a million per day).

Support for voice calls

Aside from messaging, 10DLC numbers also support voice calls, making it easier to reach your audience in ways and on channels that suit them.

Lower costs

Long code numbers are not only quicker and easier to set up, but they're also less costly compared to short codes.

Compatible with landlines

Businesses can provision their landlines as 10DLC and use existing numbers to send and receive SMS.

Two-way conversations

10DLC messaging enables personalized, two-way business messaging to help create deeper connections with your audience.

Number anonymization

Data protection is crucial! Protect users' numbers and keep conversations on your platform.


When people can’t trust that callers are who they claim to be, they stop answering even legitimate calls. Caller ID authentication ensures that customers feel confident saying hello rather than dismissing a call.

10DLC in five easy steps

Get our step-by-step guide and find out how to build a future-proof messaging strategy with 10DLC.

Three reasons to partner with Sinch

Global reach, local expertise

We hold direct connections to ALL tier 1, 2, and 3 carriers in the United States and 350+ carriers globally. 

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Carrier-grade platform

We’re set to handle huge volumes of traffic. Our biggest customers send between 0.5 – 1 billion SMS transactions a month.

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Trusted service provider

Our customer base of 3000+ global enterprise customers includes 8/10 of the largest US tech companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other questions about A2P and 10-digit long code messaging?

Check out our latest 10DLC FAQ blog

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Talk to our experts & get early access

If you want to learn more about 10DLC or how to migrate to it, speak to one of our experts and start enjoying:

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    Higher delivery & open rates
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    A better customer experience
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    Quick & easy set up
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