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Mobile Consumer Engagement in 2020

Customer engagement via mobile shouldn’t be a challenge, yet so many businesses are struggling to find their way. Why?

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Our latest report ‘Mobile consumer engagement 2020’ dives into mobile messaging on a global scale and looks at how businesses can make the most of it to engage with customers. Download the full report for key insights on:

  • Adding value and maintaining relevance in business marketing

  • Meeting consumers on the channels that are right for them

  • Building trust to ensure long-lasting relationships

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Mobile messaging is 10x more effective than email – watch the video to find out more!

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Customer experience management: What notifications would be useful vs what notifications are being received

Graph showing use cases
Graph showing usefulness of messaging scenarios

Consumers are ready to receive notifications across many vertical markets, but businesses are not yet building their customer engagement strategy with this in mind – the opportunity is there to be seized. Source: Sinch

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