Streamlined support

Automate the simplest customer requests to deliver immediate results and generate smart conversions to your offerings.

Reduced costs

Put self-serve conversational bots to work for simple, predictable requests. Don’t add to your customer care team. We’ve got the tools to curate your self-serve chat now.

Enhanced Engagement

You already deliver user-specific notifications and alerts. Yet more customers engage with simple alerts when presented with options. Enhance customer experience by getting conversational.
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Automate common FAQ
80% of bot-automated requests answered

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Reconnect with inactive contacts
3x the email response rate

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Reduce appointment no-shows using reminders
200% uplift in response rate

It all sounds great right?

So how do you get started?

Typically we work with our clients on their specific customer journeys, enhancing programs using multichannel mobile marketing. This is done in 3 easy steps:
1. Workshop to identify key moments in an existing program – or introduce new ones connected to business impact objectives – e.g. churn reduction, customer care optimization or upsell and customer acquisition.
2. Develop rich media assets suitable to personalization. Either completely managed by us or together with your existing agency or in-house team.
3. Identify a suitable target group and conduct a pilot campaign.
After the pilot program has been delivered (provided you’re happy with the results of course) – we typically work on a more long-term basis together, focused on expanding the reach and introduce more content to other points in your customers’ life-cycle.
But it all starts with a first meeting. Let’s connect and talk about your ambitions!