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Reach out to the world, securely, with Sinch SMS API

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Text messages can be a simple, yet powerful way to get your small business right in front of the customers, literally in the palm of their hands. SMS Gateway Integration can allow you to connect with your target audience effectively, boost your open rates and gather real-time data. SMS marketing strategy comes with several possibilities for varying industries. It can help brands to reach out to potential customers and give them personalized and time-sensitive information on-the-go on their mobile devices.

Leading enterprises in India have been experiencing the Sinch advantage with our SMS API. Kevin Sundar, Head of Marketing - Hinduja Housing Finance says, "Thanks to Sinch India, we were able to streamline our SMS communication and our customer response rates have improved. The team is there to help at every step and is an important partner for us." You too can transform the way you communicate with customers. Read on to know more. 

Brands can choose to develop close relationships with customers through two-way conversations, and you can even send mass text messages that still feel much more personal than a typical social media post.


Let us take the example of a furniture brand. There are many ways you can use text messaging for your furnishing brand, two of the popular ones being:

  • Sales promotions: One of the most common use cases for SMS text message marketing is to send sales promotions and discount codes to the customers. As many people read text messages within three minutes of receiving it, SMS can be a great tool to send time-sensitive information. No matter whether you are offering free shipping for the weekend, hosting a flash sale, or taking pre-orders on a brand-new product line, you can always use SMS to convince customers to act fast.

  • Event invites: Use of Bulk SMS API would be perfect for inviting customers for contests, giveaways, and special events. This channel feels less like a marketing campaign and more of personal communication if you can appropriately personalize your message content.

Gain happier customers with SMS



As per research, around 90% of modern customers prefer to communicate with their customers through text messaging. But the customers are also likely to ignore the messages of a business if it is not personalized. With a high degree of competition in the market, the need to stand out by delivering enhanced customer experiences has become imperative for companies. A lot of customers are likely to be encouraged to make more purchases from businesses that address them by name and highlight their personal preferences. SMS API integration can allow you to send personalized SMS at scale easily.

You can include customized, interactive links embedded into your text messages that go beyond just greeting the customers by name. These messages can be tailored and segmented based on your audience.


Send SMS OTPs and Payment Reminders to Bank Customers with Business SMS Solutions 

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped banking behavior of people across India. As social distancing became a norm, most customers preferred using digital banking and phone banking solutions, rather than visiting the branch. This trend is expected to continue even after the pandemic, as completing important bank related tasks right from home certainly makes things easier for the customers. Business SMS Solutions has become a vital component of the modern banking sector.

  With the spike in digital banking usage, a great influx has also been experienced in inbound calls. A lot of customers today are picking up their phones to get queries resolved, rather than visiting a bank. A similar trend has been observed in the number of outbound calls made by banks for alerts, payment reminders, account registration and Know-Your-Customer (KYC). 


Sending SMS OTPs 

All financial institutions today, including banks, are using a good SMS OTP Call API Gateway to achieve higher delivery rates. A failed transaction can cause way more damage than the cost of an SMS OTP. A customer does not need to have internet access to get SMS OTPs. They can get it on their smartphone, non-smartphone or even a landline. 


Friendly Payment Reminders 

All banks strive to continually invest in resources and implement strategies for the purpose of improving their payment collection rates, as even a marginal drop would have a negative impact on their business and elevate the collection expenses. The simplest way to ensure customers make payments in a timely manner would be to trigger reminders a few days prior to the repayment date, no matter if it is for credit cards or loans.

This can be done with the help of varying channels like emails, text messages and calls. This shall allow customers to avoid overdue payment charges as well. Visit our SMS page and request a demo to know more about SMS API Gateway Integration for Indian businesses.


Get SMS solution to automate tasks related to outbound calling


Outbound calling has been a vital component of businesses for decades. It is used for several purposes like cold calling for lead generation, nurturing inbound leads, following up, conducting market research and surveys, and so on. However, in the current market situation, mere manual dialing is not enough for companies to achieve their competitive targets when it comes to outbound calling. 

This is where specialized platforms that facilitate SMS Service for Business come in. They are an intelligent customer communication platform that empowers companies to send prerecorded messages of phone calls simultaneously and instantly to thousands of mobile numbers. It allows businesses to effectively deliver real-time information to target customers. 

The most common use cases of using automated outbound calls for businesses include: 

  • Marketing messages

  • Setting up outbound IVR

  • Alerts, reminders, and notifications

  • One-time passwords (OTPs) for verification


Sinch India helped streamline SMS comminication for Hinduja Housing Finance


SMS Solutions for Small Business and even major enterprises tend to be designed to programmatically control SMS calls, making it simpler for your business to make, receive and monitor calls.  With its help, the customer contact center staff of your company can make calls at the click of a button, without having to dial any numbers manually. This saves up their time and hassle to a good extent. Moreover, if you leverage an advanced SMS call API for your business, it will be able to record and monitor every call made through it.

You can always fetch call details automatically for increased visibility and insight. These insights can be quite valuable for strengthening the communication strategy of your company and deliver improved results in the future. 


Sinch offers Best SMS OTP Service to high-end inbound and outbound call services through a single, powerful SMS Calling platform. Request a demo to know more.