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Retail industry is sprinting to adapt to the new normal

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Indian entrepreneurs have been doing the spadework to capture the attention of digital customers much more after the Covid pandemic. The very first e-commerce company was founded in the late 1990s when the ecosystem was much different with only three million internet users in the country. A cursory search online would tell you there is a teeming crowd of over 200 million online shoppers today and by 2030, 500 million are going to join the bandwagon much to their convenience, satisfaction, and habit.

The pandemic did accelerate the pace of digital dependency but even in its absence, reimagining the retail landscape would have become a priority for business enablers, sooner or later. There are two prominent reasons – one, the vast swathe of the population that uses the internet today. Second, the ease of online shopping, burgeoning on the back of digital payments and communication channels that narrow the bridge between brands and customers, seamlessly. The retail industry in the aftermath of COVID-19 is sprinting to adapt to the new normal and establish it as perfectly normal, much to the customer’s delight.

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