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Wondering how AI-enabled chatbots work for your business?

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There are many advantages of using AI-enabled chatbots for business, including: 

Spend less time in answering chats 
Automate upto 90% conversations


Chatbots are among the fastest growing ways of interacting with a variety of customer service systems.  Chat interface is used extensively by people as it is intuitive, fast, and can keep up with higher demand for customer service. Chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants often aid in bringing additional efficiency to the customer service departments by answering questions in real-time and in several languages as well. Top chatbot platform in India facilitates the development of chatbots that can reply in vernacular languages as well, without any delay. 

Get closer to your customers with personalization

Integration of AI based chatbots into the existing back-office systems would mean that the bot shall be able to do bulk of the work for the customer service teams. The bot can provide personalized information about available discounts; involve payments, order status as well as trouble with any product or service being used.

Reach out to more customers 

Your customer support can address complicated queries

One of the biggest advantages of having self-serve channels is the capacity to not have to wait for customers to transfer to an agent. Agents have to be available for the customer next in line as fast as they can. However, in many situations, it becomes difficult for the agents to deal with multiple in-bound requests, and hence customers are faced with long wait times.  This causes frustration among the customers and may even dissuade them from engaging with a brand any further. A great aspect of using a chatbot in customer support is that this tool does not really have any such upper limit on capacity, and hence can cater to a number of customers at once.

Boost sales 

Know your customers better, cross-sell and up-sell

   By learning what customers want to buy through the chatbots during the customer service process, companies can upsell and cross-sell their products and services more efficiently.  Overall, chatbot conversational AI can be helpful in enhancing customer satisfaction and contentment, and thereby the overall sales prospects of a company.