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Why CX is worth every buck you spend

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Brand XYZ does fabulously well on social media. They manage to garner eyes, engage people, and seem to be ticking every to-do item on their list. Their logo is roaring. The management pats the brand manager who’s got that awesome work done. Unfortunately, on the field, prospects and customers do not cheer for Brand XYZ as hard. 


Where’s the disconnect?   

Running an enterprise today is going beyond just your logo. Your chiefs may have decided to invest in the product, the talent, and appealing offices but all of that does not guarantee an unparalleled customer experience. And customers today are demanding and moody! If they are not at the core of your business, they realize it immediately. 

CX measures how the relationship between a customer and a brand  changes after every interaction.


At Sinch, we believe in going beyond the logo and in over the past two decades, we have successfully welded relationships between successful brands and customers, influencing every micro moment that shape customer’s decision. In short, you have the best shot at growth if your priorities align with the end-users. We understand that your customer’s journey is not straightforward and that is exactly why your brand needs a 360-degree view of this journey.    When you invest in a CPaaS solution – you get the picture- how are your customers arriving at your product, why are they choosing one over the other, do they influence others to go for your brand, are they brand loyalists, do they need help, do they leave feedback – and so on. When you know about these important touchpoints, quite naturally they lead to better decisions and more meaningful, measurable improvement in overall customer experience.  We have helped some of the most successful brands turn more prospects into customers and championing CX. Now is your turn. Write to us at [email protected] to know how Sinch India can help your brand.