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WhatsApp Chatbot for Business: What’s in it for your business?

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What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

As the name suggests, a chatbot helps businesses reach out to a wider audience in much lesser time than a human. This means, if your business is used to having a five-member customer support team, at any given point of time, they would be able to handle only five customer queries. With a chatbot, the need for human intervention has reduced drastically. Especially when a customer initiates a conversation about a frequently asked question, a chatbot can be programmed to answer independently based on predefined scripts and machine learning.

Sample this conversation. Susy Mathew and Ronald John have recently cancelled their vacation that they booked with you and ping your business profile to ask about the refund procedure. Should you employ a human operator to address such queries? What if a chatbot does this for you? It becomes very simple! Your WhatsApp Chatbot could also convey discounts and offers if they booked your services within the next three months!


Whatsapp chatbot for business

WhatsApp Chatbot for business

Whether you are a business owner, a marketing or sales professional or part of the customer support team within an organization, WhatsApp Chatbot will help you engage more with your customers, with minimal effort.

Let’s look at how each of you can benefit.

How can business owners benefit with WhatsApp Chatbot?


Leverage the power of instant communication

If customer is at the core of your business, you can surely win them over by not keeping them waiting for answers. Whether your business is enterprise-sized, large, or mid-sized or even a home-run business, faster resolutions result into greater chances of converting potential clients into brand advocates. With instant two-way messaging, you are sure to offer a rich customer experience.


Create brand awareness and customer relationships

If you want people to talk about your brand, you need to be visible and available on platforms where your customers are. Your customers are already familiar with WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Business, you would be able to interact with them on a channel they are already familiar with. This is a huge opportunity to connect, engage and retain customers, as and when the need be.


It’s a highly secure space

Everyone around you is talking about safety and encryption. Data theft is a big risk in a world dominated by technology and digitization. With WhatsApp Chatbot, all your conversations are end-to-end encrypted and WhatsApp being a familiar name, the benefits of messaging on this platform is known to all. So, make the most of it!

WhatsApp Chatbot and marketers

Every business needs a robust marketing department to fetch them new customers through various marketing channels. While your marketing teams work on strategies to build your customer base, WhatsApp Chatbot is an effective tool to generate and get in touch with prospective leads. With the bot, directing a customer down the marketing funnel is much easier, thanks to spontaneous conversations backed with rich visual media.

If your marketing teams are working on strategic campaigns, the WhatsApp Chatbot fits in perfectly with your plans in communicating discounts, offers through broadcast lists. What’s more, communication with WhatsApp Chatbot can be personalized, nurturing customer relationships. Get more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) through the bot!

How can you scale your customer support and sales teams with WhatsApp Chatbot?

Each time a customer interacts with your business, it is an opportunity you can leverage to bring them closer. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a potential customer or lead gets faster responses? It is the first step you can take towards a guaranteed fruitful relationship with a lead. Through an interactive and visual chat medium, you are adding value to your business, as much as you are to your customer’s journey.

What’s more? Given the popularity of WhatsApp, you can easily communicate with both domestic and international clients seamlessly in real-time and keep them updated about the latest promotional offers, discounts and so much more!

Now, you may be thinking whether a chatbot will be able to handle some complex queries. Well, the human element in grievance redressal cannot be totally outweighed. Hence, human operators are still pivotal in business communications. However, such intervention is required only when such a case arises.

Sample this scenario.

Bridgette Lewis has bought groceries through your e-commerce business platform. She encountered a problem and your chatbot tried resolving her query but to no avail. Was it a query related to an item that was delivered, payments or refunds, cashback-related query or any other? Neither was Lewis able to clarify her problem, nor was the bot able to decipher. In such situations, human intervention is of utmost importance. Your WhatsApp Chatbot will be able to handover the conversation to your customer support team without glitches and take back the control once the grievance is addressed. This smooth movement between the bot and human is very important for business so as to reduce customer friction.

Your sales teams can benefit too. Are your leads growing cold? You could run promotions through WhatsApp Chatbot. There are many other uses, for example, helping your customers locate products or share with them your latest updates and try up-selling. 

Is WhatsApp Chatbot relevant to your business?

This question may have crossed your mind. If your business requires you to do any of the following, WhatsApp Chatbot is just what you should have.

  • You have a sizable customer base.
  • You are looking for a conversation channel for real-time interactions.
  • You would love to talk about your promotional offers, deals and discounts.
  • You would like to get feedback from customers.
  • Your client base is multilingual, and you would like them to interact with your business seamlessly.
  • You have a number of marketing and sales strategies to be disseminated effectively.
  • You are looking for an encrypted channel to interact with your customers.

In any of the scenarios mentioned above, streamlining your business by integrating it with WhatsApp Chatbot comes in handy. It is relevant in all kinds of industries and that is exactly why you should take the plunge!

Types of Chatbot messages

Wondering what kind of conversations will the WhatsApp Chatbot be able to handle? To put it simply, be it alerts, order updates, shipping details, booking enquiries, availability of products, warnings, grievances, yes/no questions – your business chatbot will be able to do justice to all your business-related communications.

What to know about WhatsApp Chatbots before you get started?

At ACL, we have helped many enterprises get maximum conversions by integrating with WhatsApp Chatbot which eventually meant a superior customer experience. However, there are some points to keep in mind.

  • You can initiate conversations with only those customers who are interested in your products or have inquired about such products or services that your business offers.
  • A good practice to follow is to avoid promotional messages right at the outset. There is no dearth of companies that are out there to sell, sell and sell more! Should you join their bandwagon? Refrain from doing that lest your customers consider your business account as a spam account.
  • Some enterprises may be restrained from using chatbots to suggest a specific cure for a medical problem you may have, and rightly so. However, to book an appointment with a doctor in a certain medical facility, a Chatbot can come in handy, making it a tool that is relevant for any industry. Some other areas that may find it hard to integrate with WhatsApp Chatbot include alcohol/ tobacco companies, unlicensed software companies, political groups, adult content providers, etc.
  • If you are looking for conversation analytics, you will have to get in touch with your API access provider, that is ACL since WhatsApp will have no data related to your business being stored. 
  • Yes, your chatbots can make errors, also called bot breaks. However, these are rare and usually easily rectified if you have programmed your chatbot to offer alternative solutions to your customers.

What are you waiting for? Tap into the power of WhatsApp Chatbots today and pave way for smart communication with your customers. To get started, write to us at [email protected]  


Is WhatsApp Chatbot for business free?

Your business solutions provider helps you integrate with a highly intuitive WhatsApp Chatbot interface and there are charges for this service. To get started or to know more, write to [email protected].

Is it easy to build a WhatsApp Chatbot?

With ACL as your business solutions provider, you can leverage the power of instant, two-way messaging with ease. There is absolutely no coding required and the integration is smooth.

I need a WhatsApp Chatbot demo, how do I get in touch?

For a WhatsApp Chatbot demo that is suitable for your business and industry, write in to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

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