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WhatsApp For Business: How to improve engagement for higher conversions

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WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API have particularly been developed for modern businesses and come with a host of tools and features that can help you connect with your customers. Both of them are secure messaging platforms and come with the end-to-end encryption feature that WhatsApp is popular for.  Being among the most widely used messaging apps of the world; WhatsApp has emerged as a great way for brands to engage their target audience.


WhatsApp features to improve engagement with customers


WhatsApp offers two types of accounts for businesses, which are meant to suit distinctive needs. The typical business account comes with all the benefits of typical WhatsApp secure messaging, while being equipped with certain tools that help companies to be responsive to customers. Automated greeting and away messages can be sent to the customers through WhatsApp Businesses. While this option works for smaller companies, growing businesses and large firms should consider using WhatsApp Business API. This API is specifically designed for larger enterprises, allows multiple users, and supports both the marketing and customer service efforts of a company. WhatsApp bot can be easily created by companies through the API in order to boost customer engagement.


WhatsApp is known for its powerful messaging capabilities, and its business accounts are no different. Regardless of the option chosen by a company, both of them help brands to connect with their audience and customer on a personal level. WhatsApp Business API, in particular, has a variety of features that can be of huge help. While with its open messaging options, companies can send unlimited free messages in multiple formats, the automation features of the API offer them a way to deliver timely responses to the queries and questions of the customer.


WhatsApp Business API can also be used to track important metrics associated with the customers. Through this API, companies can acquire analytics about the number of messages sent and delivered from specific phone numbers. Other metrics they might avail includes the number of messages that selected phone numbers received from recipients. When using WhatsApp as a business tool, companies can easily stay on top of the total estimated amount spent on messages pretty easily. This process can prove to be one of the most efficient yet cost-effective methods of connecting with the customers.


Try WhatsApp marketing to build customer relationships, improve conversions


To keep pace with the increasing competition level in the industry, all companies need to be proactive about leveraging the latest marketing methods and tools to connect with their target audience in the most impactful manner. WhatsApp business marketing has especially become extremely popular in the last few years as it allows brands to reach a vast audience, develop strong relationships and boost their sales prospects.

90% of customers would love to reply in message to ask questions

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging platform across the globe. It has more than a billion active users, making it a must-have for businesses that want to connect with their audience on a personal level. As more than half of the people using WhatsApp messaging services check their app every day, brands can make sure that the target audience will get their offers through the platform. In fact, WhatsApp text messages have a 98% open rate.

Marketers win customers with WhatsApp


WhatsApp as a marketing tool


To use the WhatsApp application messenger as a marketing tool, you will firstly have to create a proper strategy. Much like any other marketing method, a good strategy is needed here to serve as a guideline on how to make optimal utilization of this tool and enjoy maximum benefits through it. Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind to craft a robust WhatsApp marketing strategy and get great results:


Define goals and KPIs


Prior to getting your WhatsApp marketing strategy started, you firstly need to determine your marketing goals and objectives. This shall aid you to focus your attention on the most meaningful activities, rather than getting diverted by unnecessary things. You should start revising your marketing funnel and identify weak spots, and subsequently pinpoint the KPIs as per your business goals.


Determine your target audience


All your marketing efforts shall be focused on your target audience, and hence selecting them properly is pretty crucial. There are many ways to identify the right target audience, the most popular one being the creation of a buyer persona.


Develop a brand persona


While using WhatsApp smart messaging services to communicate with the target audience, you need to maintain a distinctive brand persona. This basically implies a host of traits, attitudes, and values your brand shares. Your brand persona will depend on the type of business you run and the type of audience you cater to. If you have a sports company that focuses on the youth, then having an easy-going and passionate persona will be prudent. Your persona basically will highlight the tone of voice and communications with prospects on WhatsApp.


Design the communication


In comparison to many other channels, WhatsApp messages do have impressive open rates. However, to make sure that the target audience is actually impacted positively by your messages, you need to provide them with engaging content. Rather than just sending promotional messages, you should also try to entertain and educate your audience. Reinforcing the messages with multimedia files like videos, animations, or pictures can also be a good idea.

The above-mentioned tips will be helpful for any company that is just starting out with WhatsApp marketing.


Customer retention is cost-effective with WABA API


In the contemporary landscape, a business will have multiple means available to them to connect with its target audience. However, WhatsApp provides them with the chance to engage with the audience on a more personal level than most of the other tools. This makes WhatsApp marketing a pretty effective strategy in regard to creating long-standing, profound relationships with customers. Building and maintaining these relationships even helps many brands to cut down on their marketing expenses, as customer retention becomes 5-25 times cheaper than acquisition.


Personalize with WhatsApp and be an always-on business


With WhatsApp, brands enjoy a host of opportunities and features for personalization that plays a major role in impressing the target audience and leaving a lasting impact on their minds. For example, through this platform companies can send customized welcome messages, special offers, birthday congratulations, and more. These messages make the audience feel special and increase their engagement with the brand.  WhatsApp bot service additionally allows companies to answer the questions and queries of the customers any time of the day, which further increases their contentment with the brand.


Ensure higher conversion rate


Selecting the ideal channel for engaging with customers is crucial for all companies. Many people get disgruntled with phone calls, and some tend to be inaccessible through email or social media. This is where WhatsApp is extremely helpful. This tool can be effectively used to nudge prospects towards the purchase and drive conversions. Messaging through this tool after initial contact with a prospect can increase the conversion rate to a commendable extent.