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Reach global customers with our all-powerful SMS API

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Driving real results with digital connections is easier than you thought. SMS, for example, has been a mainstay at most companies. You may be wondering, how could something so old still be a viable medium for customer conversations in 2022. Well, some of us thought that too… and then we smashed one milestone after the other! It made us believe that SMS is here to stay. 

SMS/MMS Global messaging services is supported by every mobile device in the world and so businesses like yours have the ultimate advantage when trying to reach out! Almost every other day, we receive several queries regarding our SMS API solution. Here’s what you need to know: 

15 million customers say that they feel frustrated when they can't reply to a mobile message.
Why should your business go for SMS API?

SMS is used globally by people of all age groups and business use it for demographics. Younger people tend to be more active on SMS socially, sending many more messages a day than other age groups. Here at Sinch, we’re proud to say we can reach every phone on the planet with SMS; in seconds or less, thanks to our carrier-grade connections with network providers around the world.


SMS API helps in Carrier-grade platforms, two way SMS, Global compliance
How can it help your business?

SMS is among the most versatile channels. Businesses put it to work for all kinds of one-way notification use cases like new offers, abandoned carts, and upcoming appointments. But these days, 2-way, conversational SMS is more common than ever before, opening even more use cases like answering pre-purchase questions, rescheduling deliveries, short tutorial videos, picture proof for insurance claims, coupons, event reminders, and more.     

How can end-users start messaging a business? 

Via the text message inbox on their phone.    

How can businesses start messaging end-users?

Get their opt-in for SMS/MMS communications and start sending.    

What does it cost?

Both outbound and inbound messages are charged, and prices vary between countries, suppliers, and SMS vs MMS. We recommend speaking to Sinch to understand pricing for your specific use case(s).