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Now, create and send PDFs in no time

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For modern-day customers, ease of access to services or communications is a huge priority. Most customers base their decision about preferring one brand over the other basis the overall experience. As a business, you may need to think about ways to update or inform them from time to time. How does your brand do that? Too often, businesses focus on the product while customer experience which is equally important is kicked to a sideline. 

Sinch in India has launched a brand-new product – Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution - that will help businesses like yours to create and send across customer communication as digital documents quickly without having to liaise with multiple vendors to help you do so. 


What is Customer Communication Management or CCM?

You may be wondering – how is it different from a regular PDF generator for business? Well, let’s talk about the benefits of CCM.


Powerful PDF generator for businesses

Customer Communication Management is an offering from Sinch, the global leaders in the messaging space. It lets enterprises not just generate customer communication in a PDF format, businesses can send these across to customers over SMS, Email and WhatsApp.

Take for example Sharan Gulati’s case. An IT professional, Gulati says he has had a few bitter experiences because his bank communication wasn’t in one place. “Customers like me are on the move. We cannot carry paper-based confidential communication everywhere we go. I had raised a request to my bank to send across a certain information to me. They complied but wanted me to be available at my home location to receive this information – unfortunately I couldn’t do that at that point in time.” 

Your customers are always on the go. Why root them to one location when you can safely send relevant information that they can carry anywhere. 

A host of capabilities

Most PDF generators available for businesses today can only create digital documents. To share these documents with the right customers becomes totally impossible if your organization hasn’t tied up with a dedicated vendor to do so. With CCM, your business does not need multiple vendors to create and share digital documents with customers. CCM is your all-in-one, end-to-end solution. 

Next, CCM can convert TXT, CSV, JSON, and XML formats into visually appealing and easy-to-read PDFs that can be created in any language. Not just that, put forth a brilliant document with customizable fields, brand URL and ensure 100% confidentiality with password protected PDFs. 

What’s more? You can easily authenticate crucial information sharing with digital signatures. And yes, there is no restriction on the number of pages that can be created using the CCM so go ahead and bring about a transformation in the way your business disseminates crucial information to customers. 

Have questions? We would be happy to get you in touch with the experts. Write to us at [email protected].