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Here's why restaurants and food delivery companies must adopt WhatsApp Business API

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The online food delivery business is all about speed, quality, and convenience. Modern customers expect hot meals delivered to them swiftly, while getting real time updates. Use of Whatsapp API can help online food delivery companies and restaurants to effectively meet the demands of the customers, without incurring high expenses. WhatsApp Business API can be used to engage actively with customers, broadcast availability and offers, provide real-time updates and more.

Open more customer service channels with chatbots

Restaurants, bars, pizzerias, cafes and online food delivery companies can significantly benefit by integrating WhatsApp into their communication strategy. By creating a WhatsApp business account, they can easily add useful information about their business that would be available to the customers. These details can include opening hours, phone number, address, website and more. Restaurants can expect an increase in take-out orders after starting to utilize this tool for customer communication.

Use WhatsApp Business API in the following ways:

•    Taking orders: WhatsApp chatbot can be helpful in taking orders from customers in a simple, automated manner. They do not have to call up the restaurant to place their order. Placing an order also may also include requests like table reservations, event bookings, and so on.

•    Sending notifications: Notifications about their order can be sent to customers via WhatsApp. This can include changes to menu and business closures, payment notifications, and more.

•    Send menu: Detailed menu of the restaurants, along with the specials of the day, can be sent to the customers via WhatsApp.

•    Delivery Tracking: Delivery updates are one of the key factors that help ensure positive customer experience. Alerts could be sent across when the food is out for delivery and giving an arrival estimate can be sent through WhatsApp, along with the delivery person’s contact details for tracking.

Ensure better customer experience by using chatbots in the foodservice industry 

The use of technology in the food industry is gradually, but consistently growing. The use of conversational AI in the food service domain has particularly been remarkable. The food industry is among the biggest, most popular and rapidly growing industries across the globe. In recent years, increasing use of drones, 3D printing, robotics, AI and more has been witnessed in the food industry.

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Conversational chatbots equipped with AI make use of text and/or voice to interact with customers, know their needs and take actions to fulfill them. Restaurants and food delivery services use these bots to augment customer experience while ordering food. These bots also help in supporting customer queries post-purchase. Such bots can easily be developed and deployed via AI Chatbot Platform and used by food service industry for varying applications.

Easy and hassle-free ordering 

A number of issues associated with the foodservice industry stem from the ordering cycle. The time taken by distinguished individuals to place their order can vary quite a bit, resulting in holding the line for a long time or repeated visits by the service provider. Even though this issue might not be visible at once, it can affect the business on the whole. With the use of an AI chatbot, customer orders can be placed quite easily, and contribute to improving the food service experience.

Lesser burden on staff

During peak hours when there are several offline and online orders for a business, the burden on the staff can become quite high. This may lead to mix-ups and errors, which would ultimately result in dissatisfied customers who may never engage with the restaurant again. AI enabled bots in the food service sector can lessen the burden of the staff members linked with taking and confirming orders. Hence, the staff can pay more attention to food preparation and deliveries.

Restaurants and food delivery companies can install a widget on their website that leads visitors to start a conversation via WhatsApp. Write to us at [email protected] to know more.