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Here’s how the travel industry can leverage SMS

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SMS marketing is vital in the travel and hospitality industry to implement seamless communication. The approach of the travel industry has particularly changed post the Covid-19 pandemic. The expectations of customers have shifted to availing more no-contact services. Today most people prefer getting relevant information delivered to them on their mobile phones, and with the assistance of SMS Service API travel companies can easily do so.

Send across timely updates

The core characteristic of SMS is that it can be delivered instantly and is usually read right away. Studies reveal that SMS has a high open rate at 90% and read rate at 98%. Hence, travel service providers can use SMS to send timely updates, often in real time.

One of the biggest problems linked with the travel industry is the sudden changes in schedules and important information. Busses can get delayed, flights can be cancelled, boarding gates may get changed and so on. All of these instances are unpredictable and can cause a lot of inconvenience. Hence, it becomes important to let your customers know about any delay, cancellation or changes as soon as possible, so that they can plan their schedule accordingly. SMS is among the simplest and most effective ways of communicating such information. Travel companies can use a Bulk SMS Service Provider to send real-time updates of any travel related delays and changes to reduce the level of customer inconvenience caused.

Booking confirmation

When customers book their travel over an app or website, it becomes vital to send them a confirmation message. Unless they receive this confirmation message, they may be worried about facing any booking issues, especially if they have already made their payments in advance. In addition to sending booking confirmation through texts, even check-in time reminders and seat number details can also be sent to the customers.

Travel companies can also use Text SMS API for their customer service and marketing process.