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Everything you need to know about Missed Call Service and Voice OTP

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Today you can use engaging voice messaging solutions for your business that can be scaled and modified with ease with the help of Voice API platforms. These platforms can help you to automate voice notifications for low balance alters, suspicious activity warnings, password resets and more, which go a long way in building customer loyalty and ensuring their satisfaction with your brand. Among other things, you can even avail of missed call solutions through such API platforms. 

Missed call services are being used by an increasing number of businesses around the world today for varying purposes, starting for customer verifications to the promotion of services or products. It is often used to conduct surveys or pools as well. In this system, a phone number tends to be marketed to customers through platforms like websites, social media, SMS, emails and more. Customers simply need to give a missed call to this number in order to give feedback, register for the product/ service, seek out offers, and more. The missed call system provides a high degree of convenience to both businesses and customers. 

In the fast-paced world, not many customers have the time to engage with brands, even if they want to. Hence, they always look for the easiest, affordable, fast, and convenient ways to connect with a company. Missed call service comes as a perfect communication tool in this situation. It is an extremely convenient method of communication that does not involve any type of expense.

There are multiple ways modern business organizations are using missed call solutions, such as: 

  • Verify authenticity: Companies involved in food ordering or ecommerce business often ask their customers to give a missed call from their registered number for the purpose of checking the order and the customer itself. 
  • Expand reach: As missed calls are free of cost, it makes it easier for companies to penetrate even the most remote markets, including villages and small towns. It can prove to be a good source for quality lead generation for several companies. 
  • Feedback forms:  While feedback is imperative for business improvement and advancement, it is not always easy to get feedback from the customers. In many cases, the feedback received is pretty limited. Missed call system has the potential to boost the sample size of this feedback process, owing to its cost-efficient and user-friendly nature. 

How does voice-based communication work? 

Voice-based communication tactics used by modern businesses can be of a variety of types. In addition to using outbound and inbound dialing services, many companies are also utilizing voice-based OTPs. One Time Password or OTP is a two-factor authentication (2FA) process that provides an additional layer of security to messages by generating single-use passwords. Voice-based OTP Services come as a huge help when the delivery of an OTP SMS repeatedly fails. A customer can also trigger generating an OTP Voice during their OTP verification process.  Most companies use voice OTPs for: 

  • Authorization:  Voice OTPs play a crucial role in allowing third-party access, including permitting delivery agents into secured communities. 
  • Authentication: Voice OTP verification is ideal for extremely secure transactions like signing up for a product or service, as well as net banking. 
  • Transaction verification: It becomes easier for companies to protect their customers from financial fraud by authenticating transactions of high value with the help of a Voice OTP service. 
  •  Resets: Voice OTP can be a safe and easy means of allowing customers to regain access to service subsequent to an email address or password change. 
  • Account reactivations: Using a secure IVR OTP sequence will be a great way to welcome customers who are restarting their services with a company. 

There are many providers of Voice Business Solutions who can help companies to enjoy the benefit of Voice OTPs including Sinch (previously ACL Mobile).  

Voice-based communication strategy for enterprises 

Having a competent communication strategy in place is crucial for all companies. While emails, social media, and texting are obviously helpful in connecting with the leads, a growing number of business organizations are exploring Enterprise Voice Solutions to accelerate their communication strategy. They typically use Voice API platforms that facilitate voice calling, conferencing and missed call services to connect with their customers in an innovative, engaging, and user-friendly manner. By efficiently utilizing these Voice API platforms, you get to control your inbound calls and convert more calls to revenue. It may even enable you to add call tracking to your existing software platform for the purpose of preventing data silos. 


Advantages of using a voice messaging system for business


Increase in business engagement level 

Voice calling capabilities allow for a rich customer experience. Some of these platforms even facilitate vernacular language support. Hence, your customers get the benefit of interacting with your business in a language of their choice.  Such an approach significantly boosts business engagement levels and ensures improved customer satisfaction. 


Easy to scale 

Voice API platforms help your business to connect with carrier networks beyond borders. This comes as a huge help for companies catering to international clients or customers. They can easily scale up their communication strategy with the help of these platforms. 

Time-sensitive voice OTPs 

Many voice platforms offer the facility of sending OTPs. They guarantee the assured delivery of critical and time-sensitive information across the planet through calls. Similar to the typical SMS OTP feature, Voice-based OTP is also a two-factor authentication tool. It is a prompt and dependable notification solution that makes sure that the messages are delivered on the mobile phone of the customers securely in time. It usually is used for utility passwords and alerts. 

With smart outbound calling services, you get to send prerecorded messages of phone calls instantly to thousands of mobile numbers simultaneously. It helps in delivering real-time information to target customers without a hassle. Inbound voice solutions on the other hand help you to address various routine queries of callers on their own by automating the process and reducing the call load of agents.