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Emerging technologies and opportunities in marketing automation

Marketing automation and opportunities in India
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In the past few years, rapid advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have brought a surge in automation which has trickled into marketing. Machinated processes are more efficient than those performed by people. Thanks to how effortless it can get; marketers worldwide have adopted various marketing automation tools.

Here’s what to expect in marketing automation in India and some emerging trends you can implement in your marketing this year.

AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning are two key technologies used in marketing automation nowadays. Behavioral analytics, automation, segmentation, email campaigns, chatbots are only a few of the many marketing tasks that can be performed with the help of AI and machine learning. Apart from this, these technologies can also save you a lot of time and investment in the long run. Web scraping is another essential step towards a successful marketing strategy and helps companies gather all the relevant information they need and use it to make informed decisions regarding the best actions to take.

Omnichannel marketing

Marketing channels no longer include just TV and radio. Users’ interests have now expanded to many more sources of information such as websites, social media platforms, instant messaging apps, and more. While this tendency seems to be making marketing processes more complex, it presents companies with a wide range of opportunities to deliver information and promote their services and products successfully with the help of a marketing automation platform in India.

Personalized content

Experienced marketers know that personalization is so much more than just the name of your client in a message or email. Customers expect you to know about their desires and preferences and to offer products worth their time and money. Personalized communications through the best all-in-one marketing platform software are impossible to create without proper research and data collection. This is why it’s so important for customers to monitor behavior in real time so that you can bring your personal tactics to a new level.

Mobile marketing

People are more reliant on their mobile phones today than before. With the increasing usage of smartphones, companies are now looking to implement marketing automation by using mobile-first tactics like WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications, in-app advertisements to boost engagement and improve customer experience.  This allows brands to market their products and services easily and efficiently to their customers without any hassle.

At the end of the day, marketing automation is truly important for businesses that want to automate their repetitive tasks. This can help you save a significant amount of time and costs and most importantly shift focus onto more strategic activities. Keeping the above pointers in mind, a multi-channel communication service can help you reach your target audience and help increase your return on investments in the long run.

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