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8 WhatsApp facts that will blow your mind

WhatsApp instant secure messaging platform from Sinch
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For businesses that keep customers at their core, WhatsApp has been an important channel for customer engagement and with each passing year, WhatsApp retains its position as worlds favorite communication channel. We list eight facts to show its terrific reach. 

Fact 1: WhatsApp has two billion users worldwide 

You heard that right. There are over two billion active WhatsApp users around the globe, as of February 2020 and counting. One billion new members were added between 2016-20 alone. In October 2010, this number stood at 10 million. The volume of interaction on WhatsApp is an opportunity for every business in the CPaaS space, as also every brand out there to gain consumers.  
Fact 2: Indians use WhatsApp the most 

If you are a brand that wishes to establish its base in India, you must work on your communication strategy and choose a secure messaging platform to connect with existing and prospective customers. WhatsApp should certainly feature on your list because Indians are among the largest users of WhatsApp and therefore, it is easy to reach out to them on this platform. With 487 million users in 2023, up from 200 million in 2019, WhatsApp’s biggest market is India followed by Brazil, United States of America, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Italy amongst others. 

Fact 3: WhatsApp speaks many languages, so do your users 


Once you sign up for WhatsApp Business API, you can deliver a seamless customer experience for all your users. Yes, the WhatsApp Chatbot can “talk” to your users in a language that they understand. When you choose Sinch as a business solutions provider, your Chatbot for business can help you communicate with users worldwide and in over 100 languages. That’s how you benefit from WhatsApp instant messaging. 

Fact 4: 100 billion WhatsApp instant messaging per day 


Have you wondered how many messages are sent over WhatsApp every day? It is 100 billion secure messages to personal relations, friends, and businesses, and counting! In October 2011, this number was only 1 billion and in a decade’s time, the smart messaging service on WhatsApp has garnered an exponential growth.

Your customers are seeking more information, every day and making your brand’s presence visible on WhatsApp is the perfect way to get smarter about your business decisions in 2021.  

Fact 5: People check WhatsApp multiple times

You would have already known that people are increasingly using their smartphones. Certain studies concluded that people may be checking their phones up to 58 times a day! That is a substantial opportunity for brands that want to target their users through a secure messaging platform such as WhatsApp.  

On an average, android phone users spend close to 20 hours a month or 38 minutes a day on WhatsApp, a study by App Annie data revealed. The numbers may vary from one geography to another or from one age group to another, but WhatsApp usage is high, presenting brands and businesses with a unique way of connecting and engaging with their users through smart messaging services on WhatsApp.  

Fact 6: WhatsApp Business API users are on the rise 

Your most successful competitor business is on WhatsApp Business. Over five million small, big and enterprise-grade businesses use WhatsApp Business.  As for WhatsApp Business API users, there are over 1.5 billion of them already, worldwide that engage with multiple businesses that use the Business API. Users agree that engaging with brands/businesses on WhatsApp is far easier as also preferable. About 65% users said that WhatsApp instant messaging helps create and nurture personal relationships between brands and users.  

Fact 7: WhatsApp Status feature is a hit 

WhatsApp has beaten Snapchat’s record of 186 daily active users on its stories feature. Facebook too lags behind at 300 million, but daily active WhatsApp story users stands at over 450 million! Businesses can send out information, promotional codes, deals and discounts through their story feature. You could also educate and create awareness about your products and services through this secure messaging platform.  
The young population is looking to engage and share information about things that get them excited. Use WhatsApp Business to share compelling stories, narratives, videos, pictures with them.  

Fact 8: WhatsApp Business API and number portability is now live 

Every user demands exceptional service, and it is upon the business to strategize and customize it for ensure an enhanced customer experience (CX). Naturally, in an attempt to provide the best experience, businesses are also on the lookout for business solution providers (BSP) that can enable it. Starting June 2021, WhatsApp gave the green signal for WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) number porting facility enabling businesses to choose a better BSP without changing their number.  

If your business is considering a switch, here’s why Sinch may be the best for you. Sinch has over 500 successful enterprise clients, growing by the day. With Sinch, you can: 

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