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5 strategies to increase conversions with WhatsApp marketing messages

WhatsApp marketing for enterprises
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In this article, we list some of the powerful strategies to start with before using WhatsApp application messenger and WhatsApp marketing messages to boost engagement and sales.

Build your WhatsApp content marketing strategy

Do you have that friend who sells ad space to everyone under the sun without ever pausing to assess the quality of their potential customers? Well, did you know that there is actually an important marketing strategy that people use to ensure they advertise to a qualified audience? Welcome to content strategy.

A content strategy is critical to a successful content marketing program and offers an opportunity to align the marketing and sales teams in specific ways. The first goal is to define the company's story and then realign it with the company's vision by identifying what’s unique about your product or services. The second goal is to produce relevant content, which supports customer nurturing, conversion planning, and awareness building. When you use WhatsApp messages for marketing, you need to strategize too.

Tapping into WhatsApp's privacy, security and data sharing policies to implement your marketing strategy is not difficult. Start off by using conversations as a way to share insightful information with those users who have opted-in or want to get more out of your business. With a little bit of practice, you'll soon find that this app is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

The key to successful content strategies for WhatsApp marketing is consistency, and the best way to maintain consistency is with automated frequency distribution. Once you have your frequency distribution set up for this platform, it can then be shared with all members of your team so that they always know what to post. 


Know your audience

WhatsApp marketing allows you to make direct contact with your audience and potential customers for extreme customer loyalty and business. With a population of WhatsApp users close to 2 billion, it's unsurprising that the application is rapidly becoming the marketing tool of choice for many businesses. 

However, targeting marketing messages can be tricky, no matter what type of business you are in. It's critical that your promotional materials reflect the personality and overall tone of the person you want to target, otherwise your marketing efforts will have a very low response rate.

The know-your-audience principle is one of the most fundamental ones in marketing and creating user personas can come in really handy. It's also very easy to apply, which makes it perfect for beginners. Have you had success with your WhatsApp marketing campaign? Do not worry if you have not quite reached where you want to be. Starting small is ok, just keep at it and work on honing your skills till your brand perfects it.   


Combine words and visuals for a powerful CX

Adverts are designed to grab the attention of consumers and convince them that they need a particular product or service. However, what if those marketing campaigns could physically reach out and speak directly with potential customers? One of the best content formats then is that which can combine a powerful visual backed by equally strong content. 

However, do not overload your WhatsApp marketing message with too many of either so as to ensure that your messages are easily downloadable. Sending pictures and videos is counter-productive if there arise issues with loading time for somebody receiving your message. If you are looking to engage people with a large number of pictures, then you should use a variety of other media formats and platforms. Remember, with just images, words or both, whatsapp marketing can be used to market your brand. If you pair the right service with the right strategy, WhatsApp marketing creates a ripple effect that increases app usage for your brands' products and spreads word of mouth awareness. Bank on it!  


Grievance redressal through WhatsApp

Customer care of online shopping and other e-commerce platforms is now available 24x7 through chatbots on WhatsApp. As long as your customer has a smartphone, he would not have to go to the office for his grievances redressal. Today, consumers are no longer just satisfied with getting an instant solution to their problem. They want to be acknowledged or even thanked for mentioning the issue and it is now the responsibility of brands to always have a customer service team that can communicate in all channels. That’s why using WhatsApp for grievance redressal has become very popular among users in India.

You may be thinking how are grievances relevant to marketers? Well, customer grievances and redressals are as important to you as is to your CEO or your sales teams and customer care teams!

Chalk out the pain points of customers and gather their feedback through surveys, panels, online surveys or other formats and the next time you disseminate important messages through WhatsApp, make sure that they see something that is useful for them.

The support team may help solve customer queries but for an enhanced CX, the next time such a customer receives communication from your brand, they should know that your brand dedicates some mind space to them! Speak to them through various content formats on WhatsApp. 

Analyze your progress

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, strategizing your moves on WhatsApp application messenger is important and even more important is to keep an eye on the goal through regular analysis of results.

Your company needs to look at WhatsApp's latest features and capabilities. These include new make-your-own chatbot services that can drastically improve customer engagement and lead conversion rates. You may even want to partner with a reputed business solutions provider such as Sinch to ease your job.

So, marketers, it’s time to put your creative hats on, and master the art of WhatsApp message marketing with the five strategies mentioned above. If your business can, also try offering an incentive to users to initiate a conversation with you.