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Retail commemorative dates

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According to the predictions of the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), in 2020 retail sales should increase by 5.4%. If your company wants to be a part of this, and to increase its revenue, it is important to create strategies that take advantage of commemorative retail dates, which include not only the famous Black Friday, but also dates like Mother's Day and Christmas. Check out below ways to take advantage of retail commemorative dates and a calendar giving all these dates. How to enjoy the commemorative dates There is no point in trying to take advantage of dates that have no relation to the segment or the communication of your company, since this attitude can generate damage to the image and drive away customers who feel connected to the brand or just not generate engagement and conversions. Therefore, the first step to increase sales is to analyse all opportunities, identifying which ones can be taken advantage of by the company. After choosing the dates to be worked with, it is time to analyse what offers will be made, how they will be communicated, who will be the target audience, and to prepare the operation to meet the increased demands. Calendar of commemorative retail dates What dates can your company take advantage of? Check below a calendar with all the market celebration days.
  • 25/02 Carnival
  • 08/03 International Women's Day
  • 15/03 Consumer's Day
  • 17/03 Saint Patrick's Day
  • 12/04 Easter
  • 10/05 Mother's Day
  • 12/06 Valentine's Day
  • 20/07 Friend's Day
  • 09/08 Father's Day
  • 15/09 Customer's Day
  • 12/10 Children's Day
  • 27/11 Black Friday
  • 30/11 Cyber Monday
  • 25/12 Christmas
  Promotional actions for commemorative dates Another essential factor in creating successful sales campaigns around commemorative dates is the advertising. In addition to managing stock, the capacity of access to the company's website or the size of the customer service team, it is important to have a clear and easily assimilated advertising campaign to impact and win customers. A large part of the population has access to smartphones. To give you an idea, a survey conducted in 2018 showed that Brazil already has more than one active smartphone per person. That shows that SMS can be a great ally in marketing. SMS, in addition to being compatible with all devices, does not require the use of internet, ensuring that all contacts receive the content, regardless of whether they use 3G or Wi-Fi. Another advantage of SMS is that it has a high opening rate. It is worth noting that 90% of users check all incoming messages within 3 minutes of sending them. Succeed in your sales campaigns for retail commemorative dates using SMS! Contact our consultants and find the ideal solutions for your company.