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Prevent fraud without compromising user experience

  • Prevent identity theft

    Separate real users from fraudsters and spammers, significantly reduce account takeovers, and prevent unauthorized payments from your customers' accounts.

  • Improve conversion rates

    Replace long forms with easy, simple and secure 2FA one-time passwords (OTP) via phone calls and SMS, or with our password-less IP address based solution.

  • Lower acquisition costs

    Get premium service while saving money. With efficient fallback across verification methods, you can achieve the best delivery rate at an optimal price.

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Over 3,000 companies including 8 out of 10 the largest US tech companies choose Sinch to:

  • Achieve 13% increase in conversions when replacing traditional SMS OTP with our Verification SMS solution
  • Significantly lower call center volumes by reducing the number of complaints
  • Reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary card blocking and re-issuing
  • Increase customer satisfaction and NPS scores

Flexible verification channel options

Verify users on any device, across platforms, in multiple languages for a smooth end–user experience 

Efficient fallback across verification methods

Combine SMS, Flash Call, Phone Call and  Data Verification to minimize costs and maximize conversion rates 

Single API for all methods

Easy implementation without security or telecom knowledge required 

Actionable customer insights

Get analytics on conversion rates, fault detection and prevention real-time or as reports in our self-serve portal.

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