Over The Top - OTT

Over The Top - OTT

In the olden days of ‘traditional’ SMS, messages were sent through a core mobile operator network. Now, with lots of different, downloadable messaging apps and channels in the market (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc.), messages can also be sent through the data network of a mobile operator. In other words, they are sent over the top of the core network via the internet – so they’re known as OTT messaging channels. 


The importance of Over The Top - OTT 

If you want to engage customers, you need to reach them where they are. Simple. There’s no point sending 1-way notification-based SMS if your ideal customers are hanging out on Messenger and want to get into a conversation with you. It just won’t work. 


How is Sinch involved with Over The Top - OTT 

At Sinch, we recognize it’s super important to meet customers on their terms. If you want to engage, excite, and convert – what other choice do you have? So, to complement our SMS, MMS, and RCS messaging products, we offer several OTT messaging channels to suit individual use cases, business needs, and of course, end-user demands. 

WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, KakaoTalk, LINE, WeChat, Viber, Telegram. Phew, there are a lot of OTT channels to choose from. Many are regional, and naturally, rules and regs apply so, check out our channels [LINK] product page and get to engaging!

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