Bulk SMS Marketing

What is bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing consists in sending promotional text messages to a large number of customers at a time using a bulk SMS service. This technique allows businesses to reach 100% of their customers with open and engagement rates that other communication channels just can’t match, in a cost-effective way. 


How is Sinch involved with bulk SMS marketing? 

From special offers to abandoned cart reminders, back-in-stock notifications, product updates, and more, Sinch’s SMS API helps thousands of businesses across the globe boost engagement and conversions with compelling SMS marketing campaigns delivered right in the palm of their customers’ hands.   


What are the benefits of using Sinch for bulk SMS marketing? 

With our powerful SMS API and robust network infrastructure, we make it easy for businesses to take SMS marketing to the next level and reach millions of mobile phones anywhere in the world at once, quickly, reliably, and at the best price - all while keeping it relevant and personalized.  

You can also enable two-way messaging to build deeper connections with your audience through real-time conversations. 

Oh, and did we mention that integration is a breeze?

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