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Enrich Retail with Messaging

The customer is always right. They don't just demand flexibility in how they shop, they also expect a choice in how they can engage.

We know retail...

San Francisco-based Crossroads have been leading the resale fashion industry for over two decades, but wanted to increase efficiency, replacing their paper waitlist with a new iPad app management system.

"With Sinch, the waitlist process is smoother and more reliable with better SMS deliverability."

Gabriel Block
CEO & President, Crossroads
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Use Case
SMS in Retail

Authenticate users on signup

An online retailer wants to verify a user's number. Instead of OTPs via SMS, a dedicated Verification solution can provide higher conversions.

The Result

High conversion in the signup flow of new customers is critical to secure successful onboarding because it results in higher sales conversions.

What we bring to the table

  • Create a seamless CX

    It isn’t enough to offer a website, app and a physical premises anymore – omnichannel retail is the way forward and mobile messaging is the key!

  • A universal touchpoint

    With so many channels, you can never reach them all, right? Wrong. SMS is ubiquitous, no download required, and it uses the native inbox – 6 billion retail prospects are waiting for you.

  • Reduce cart abandonment

    How many abandoned carts have you seen on your e-commerce platform? Mobile messaging can help get customers over the line, assisting them in real-time.

  • Data is powerful

    Make sure you’re always close at hand and top of mind using targeted messages based on past purchases via the ever present mobile phone.

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Graph outlining the benefits of using SMS in the retail industry

Use Case
SMS in Retail

Get customers through the door

The best items always seem to be out of stock and, of course, customers like to complain about that. Placing an order for the item to be delivered to the store for collection should be easy, but sadly that's not always the case, often items remain uncollected on the shelf...

The Result

Customers will clamour back to your store to pick up precisely what they’ve been waiting for, completing the sale, but not before classic upsell tactics are put in motion.

Why we're your first choice for mobile messaging...

  • Real-time communication

    25 billion API calls a year and 250 million phone and data calls per month, all without breaking a sweat. You’re in good hands.

  • Proven and trusted

    We’re proud to call 8 out of the 10 largest US tech companies, as well as mobile operators around the world, our customers.

  • No hassle integration

    Website, app, whatever you may have, integrating our SMS, Voice or Video Calling APIs and SDKs is, well, a sinch.

  • Scale with confidence

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a global enterprise or a local startup. Our solutions fit any business and can scale as you grow.