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Enrich Logistics with Messaging

Field service traditionally embraces the mobile space to deliver new levels of efficiency. It still does, and so it should.

We know logistics...

SMS77 helps businesses keep in touch with customers and employees. Using SMS to add value to their communications, they serve small businesses and start-ups right through to enterprises in all industries.

"Working with Sinch has been a pleasure, the level of support we have received has been outstanding."

Christian Leo
Founder, SMS77
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Graph outlining SMS benefits in Logisitcs

Use Case
SMS in Logistics

No more calling cards for failed deliveries

Poor fleet management, slower delivery times and wasted customer service time are all symptoms of missed delivery slots, just because the recipient isn't home to accept their parcel.

The Result

Using SMS reminders to provide package ETAs can reduce the cost of wasted deliveries, meaning the driver doesn’t have to chase up re-deliveries and can instead get on with their route.

What we bring to the table

  • Not just for reminders

    Once customers are on your messaging distribution list, you can also send coupon codes and announcements, engaging with them to help generate new business.

  • Privacy on both sides

    Allow in-app calling and messaging between delivery drivers and the recipients of deliveries to be completely anonymized. No number or name sharing required.

  • Reduce call volume

    Customer service is A1 in logistics and with SMS reducing call center call volumes, time is freed up to handle the issues that really matter.

  • Collect customer feedback

    Surveys are a great way to determine if customers are happy with the service they’ve received. SMS are responded to within 90 seconds – forget the 90 minutes email offers.

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Graph outlining the benefits of SMS

Use Case
Video Calling in Logistics

Make every operative an expert

Relaying information from out in the field back to HQ isn't always easy, especially in time-sensitive situations where the need to relay with more experienced technicians is required.

The Result

Issues can be seen first-hand and in real time, raising the capabilities of field service operatives to the next level, resulting in faster fixes and happier customers.

Why we're your first choice for mobile messaging...

  • Real-time communication

    25 billion API calls a year and 250 million phone and data calls per month, all without breaking a sweat. You’re in good hands.

  • Proven and trusted

    We’re proud to call 8 out of the 10 largest US tech companies, as well as mobile operators around the world, our customers.

  • No hassle integration

    Website, app, whatever you may have, integrating our SMS, Voice or Video Calling APIs and SDKs is, well, a sinch.

  • Scale with confidence

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a global enterprise or a local startup. Our solutions fit any business and can scale as you grow.