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Enrich Healthcare with Messaging

People demand convenience in all aspects of life, even when it comes to their personal wellbeing. So give them what they want.

We know healthcare...

Specializing in delivering integrated communication platforms for utility companies and emergency services, AGENT511 turned to Sinch to enable high-volume, traceable SMS messaging.

"Sinch provided our utility customers with a scalable, auditable platform for delivery high volume, critical pro-active notifications for outage, billing & demand response."

Jay Malin
Managing Director, AGENT511
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Use Case
Video Calling in Healthcare

Change the way you communicate

Getting everyday tasks organized like a doctors' appointment isn't always easy, especially for those in remote areas.

The Result

Patients can book a Video appointment at a time that suits them. They’ll step out for a matter of minutes to take the call and be back before they know it.

What we bring to the table

  • The luxury of time

    Time can be the difference between life and death in healthcare. Real-time communications stop delay, making a real difference.

  • Tap the untapped

    Imagine the time savings that could be made if the frequent interruptions nurses suffer could be eliminated. Service and patient safety could be improved.

  • Better overall service

    How often do patients feel rushed during their healthcare visit? We help to make information more accessible, time is better spent and patients can’t fault your service.

  • Stay secure and compliant

    Our CPaaS solutions still allow for the confidentiality that is so important in your industry. With such sensitive data, you can’t be too careful. But let us worry about that.

Handset containing an SMS conversation between a user and their doctor

Use Case
SMS in Healthcare

Avoid no-shows and wasted time

Patients forgetting and missing their appointments doesn't just waste your time, it's a hassle for everyone - slots have to be re-booked, and someone else always ends up missing out.

The Result

SMS reminders aren’t just for logistics. A simple text message reminder the day before an appointment gives the patient enough time to arrange their affairs and be in the waiting room, ready when you are.

Why we're your first choice for mobile messaging...

  • Real-time communication

    25 billion API calls a year and 250 million phone and data calls per month, all without breaking a sweat. You’re in good hands.

  • Proven and trusted

    We’re proud to call 8 out of the 10 largest US tech companies, as well as mobile operators around the world, our customers.

  • No hassle integration

    Website, app, whatever you may have, integrating our SMS, Voice or Video Calling APIs and SDKs is, well, a sinch.

  • Scale with confidence

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a global enterprise or a local startup. Our solutions fit any business and can scale as you grow.