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JavaScript SDK

Add calling and messaging to your web applications using the Sinch JavaScript SDK.

December 18, 2014 We’re happy to announce the official release of the JavaScript SDK for instant messaging and web calling. Following our beta release and the feedback we received from the developer community, the Sinch JavaScript SDK went through new iterations and is now available under its v1.0 version.
Significant new features since the last release include the possibility to differentiate between instant messaging and calling users. It’s now also possible to run the SDK in a Node.js environment. In addition, our JavaScript SDK is now also available as a Bower repository.

Looking for a simple and powerful to integrate web based calling and instant messaging in your web applications using no plug-ins? With our JavaScript VoIP SDK you can now easily create rich social, interactive or collaborative applications using real time communication. Together with our native SDK’s for Android and iOS get started today with Sinch to offer communication features in your web application and deliver seamless user experiences regardless of your user’s environment or context.




Web based calling



Use our JavaScript SDK to add a click to call feature or make low cost international calls directly in the browser to regular landline and cell phone numbers. All your users need is a browser and internet connection to unlock the power of web based, real time communications.

Cross platform messaging



Remove the complexity of handling your own Instant Messaging solution and let Sinch do the heavy lifting. Associated with our iOS and Android SDK, the Sinch JavaScript SDK offers a truly cross platform messaging solution ready to be integrated in your app.

Voice API integration



Fully compatible with the Sinch Voice API, our JavaScript SDK allows to build powerful web based communication solutions. Take control of your application call flow and consolidate reports and billing in real time while offering your end users a better calling experience.


How it works

Code the way you like

Our JavaScript SDK is built using plain JavaScript and is easy to integrate with your web application regardless the framework you use. It means it is fully compatible with Angular.JS, Backbone.js and many other frameworks which you are already using. Minimize the learning curve and start adding new features to your app using Sinch.

Build beautiful apps

Modern apps are about great features delivered through familiar user experiences across all kind of devices. Focus on where your best at, building great applications for your end user. By letting Sinch taking care of the communication layer, you won’t have to worry about voice and messaging technologies and will have a complete control of your user interface.

Launch quickly & scale

From MVP to large scale rollout, the Sinch JavaScript SDK gives the possibility to add VoIP and Messaging communication features in record time. Sinch is available as a cloud platform with high availability and elastic scaling.



Getting started with our JavaScript has never been easier.

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