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VoIP Service

VoIP Service For Your Apps

We have created a powerful and high quality VoIP service that brings high quality VoIP calling directly into your app. Just add our VoIP SDK, and with a few lines of code, you can start connecting your apps with voice calling over the internet, powered by Sinch. Our VoIP service is available for iOS, Android and JavaScript with support for REST APIs, enabling you to connect with your backend.




Our VoIP service is in the cloud, letting you connect your multiple devices, wherever they are. Call across the world fora fraction of the cost, and bring your users closer together.


HQ Quality as standard

Our in house team of engineers and developers use optimized data routing to give your VoIP calls the best possible quality. And since we use the latest codecs, your app calling quality will be amazing.


SIMPLE to use

Our VoIP documentation is simple to use, understand and start integrating. If you need any help, just reach out to our support team or our developer support area.

How it Works

Understanding our VoIP service could not be easier. Just add the SDK for your app, and add a few lines of code to bring your app to life with rich, voice calling.

id<SINCallClient> callClient = [sinchClient callClient];
[callClient callPhoneNumber:@"+14154292072"];
CallClient callClient = sinchClient.getCallClient();
Call call = callClient.callPhoneNumber("+14154292072");
var callClient = sinchClient.getCallClient();
var call = callClient.callPhoneNumber("+14154292072");

Who is using the Sinch VoIP Service?

We have partners all over the world using our Voice API to connect their users with high quality voice calling in their apps. Read our user case studies to learn more.


“Sinch took 10 minutes to drop in and start calling, and the voice quality is amazing”

– Jim Yang, CEO, Gather

“When millions of active users want to call and text friends and family, the service needs to be at its best, all of the time. Sinch gives us that mix of fantastic quality and solid reliability that an app like Rebtel and its users demand!”

– Anna Alenius-Mathson, Head of Communications at Rebtel


“We tested the market thoroughly, and we ultimately chose Sinch because of their high quality product, ability to scale, and excellent level of customer service.”

– Eric Setton, Co-Founder & CTO of Tango

VoIP Use Cases

Add anonymous calling to a marketplace or dating app and let strangers call each other or offer a new feature to a travel app and let users call home or your customer service department in your app. Learn more about the features that our VoIP API can offer to your app.

Get Started

Get started with the Sinch VoIP service today and let your users start calling for a more engaged app experience.