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Voice SDK

Voice SDK for Mobile Apps

With Sinch, you can add voice calling within your apps to offer a new, enriched experience for your app users, all with the use of our easy to use Voice SDK. Built with a focus on simplicity, just drop the Voice SDK into your apps, and with a few lines of code your app can start making high quality voice calls to your app users. Learn more about how easy our Voice SDK is to integrate in our documentation. Try Sinch for Free


With the Sinch iOS SDK, adding in app calling, instant messaging and SMS into your iOS applications has never been easier. Sinch runs from one backend giving you a cross device platform that seamlessly connects your users and their devices.

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Android SDK

Take your Android apps to the next level with a voice calling feature that brings your app to life. Built for Android developers, our SDK is easy to use and understand, helping you create a seamless voice calling feature in your app.

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JavaScript SDK

Enrich your web applications with calling and messaging features using the JavaScript SDK.

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We have written extensive, easy to follow and well written documentation for iOS, Android and JavaScript developers, to help you get started with our Voice SDK.

The Sinch downloads package also includes sample apps to help you add voice calling to your apps even quicker.


Our developers have written some fantastic tutorials to show you how to build the next best voice calling app. Each of these will walk you through how to set up the app, add the Sinch Voice SDK, and make your first call.

How Gather uses the Sinch Voice SDK

The social networking app Gather uses the Sinch SDK to offer a new, in-app calling experience for their app users. With app to app calling, users can now make voice calls to their friends and contacts in a seamless, in app calling feature that has provided great growth for their app. Read more in their case study »

In App Calling with SPLYT

Ride-sharing app SPLYT uses Sinch to let drivers call their customers when the car is arriving or if there are changes to the ride. Built directly into the app, Drivers can call any cell phone number for a quick and easy feature which is perfect for communication with their customers. Read more in their case study »

Connecting Users with voice calling

Utide uses the Sinch Voice SDK to let their users make 30-second calls with strangers. The app selects the user to call, and uses Sinch for the voice calling. Read more in their case study »

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