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With the international travel market valued in the billions, some of the largest and most profitable apps and businesses are generating fantastic revenue from tourists and travellers. Sites like Expedia and apps like Airbnb are putting the travel industry into the 21st century and changing the way customers plan, book and enjoy their travel trips.

With each stage in the travel business funnel comes an opportunity to communicate between provider and traveller, as users book hotels, rental cars and flights.

The Solution

Low Cost, International Calling

Using data and Wi-Fi calling, travel apps can offer low cost international calling straight from their apps, to phone numbers across the world. A hotel or tourist app could let users call abroad for a low cost, or integrate the app as part of the booking and customer service process.

Apps and businesses facilitating the booking process and linking providers with tourists can also benefit with international calling, and integrate a calling feature into their app or website to take bookings from across the world to all of their providers. This also offers the potential to keep all calls and communication within the app and prevent users arranging bookings outside of the booking system and losing you revenue.

SMS Solution

With Sinch SMS, send confirmation texts and let users reply if there is something to change, all with simple to use SMS. This is a great benefit for users that do not have the app or are on the move and do not have access to a computer. And since 97% of SMS’s are read within 10 minutes, this is a faster interaction that makes for a seamless customer experience.

SMS can also be used as a marketing tool for travel apps to re-engage users, notify them of campaigns and send push notification if a hotel or flight ticket changes price.

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