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Travel & Transport

Worldwide travel and transport notifications in the palm of your hand.

Speak to your customers and grow your business with first class customer service!

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  • bullet point Save time and money
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Customer experience is key; mobile messaging helps make it smooth sailing!


Boost satisfaction with automated responses

Reduce customer service and call center costs

Double ROI and send conversion rates soaring

Why travel alerts need to go mobile

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    Update with ease

    Travelling can be stressful! Delayed flights, schedule changes, cancellations...it’s vital to keep customers in the loop, and we make it possible with travel alerts and real-time notifications worldwide.
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    Customer support

    Customers on-the-go need quick, simple support. Whether your customers simply need to book a taxi, or something a little more complicated like a visa query, you can improve the customer experience with pre-defined answers and notifications on their favorite channels.
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    Cross sell and upsell

    Mobile communication ensures a smooth journey for your customers - but it also paves the way for increased revenue! From seat upgrades to info on travel loyalty programs, keep your customers up-to-date and watch the cash flow in.
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The benefits of mobile messaging

Our mobile consumer engagement survey highlighted some interesting facts and figures...

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    67% of people said they’d find notifications of a changed or cancelled travel ticket very useful.
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    53% of people said they’d find a "we’re on our way" notification from a taxi company very useful.
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    40% of people say they interact with travel businesses via mobile, yet 67% would find it useful – seize that 27% opportunity gap!
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Use cases

It's all about the customer journey

How an airline slashed the cost of customer care

Reduce the load on your call center & offer a superior customer experience

A well-known airline was experiencing issues with customers rebooking flights due to cancellations or schedule changes - this placed a huge load on the call center, creating a negative traveler experience.

The solution? An RCS message direct to each customer proposing alternative flights and allowing them to book and confirm on their phone.

Significant cost savings to the airline: $5 per customer support call vs $0.05 for an SMS

How to half calls to your customer care line

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by introducing AI

A travel company realized the need to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of customer support.

By adding WhatsApp as a channel in addition to email and phone, a chatbot was implemented to offer support with FAQs, combined with handover to a human agent for any responses the bot was unable to answer.

70% user satisfaction, 80% of conversations handled by bot, and 50% reduction in customer support costs

How to put a stopper in revenue leakage

Reduce fraud and increase revenue

A well-known ride-hailing company wanted to allow voice calling between drivers and customers without disclosing either’s phone number - they wanted to keep transactions in app to avoid revenue leakage.

Sinch found the answer in a second – Number Masking to hide the real number of both the driver and the caller. Security and anonymity all round!

Increased revenue, security, and brand trust due to all transactions remaining on platform

The SMS verification solution provided by Sinch was the answer to our problem. The implementation was straightforward, follow-up was quick and accurate – all we needed for a successful partnership.

Franklin Braeckman, Online Marketing Manager

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