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Social Messaging

Social Messaging

Social messaging apps are dominating the app market with unbelievable global penetration and user bases in the hundreds of millions. Apps like WeChat, Line, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are acquiring gigantic user bases and business valuations in a short period of time, at a rate unseen before.

Enriching these apps with new features is challenging, but with Sinch social apps can bring a new communication layer adding features such as SMS and App to Phone Calling.

The Solution

Low Cost Calling

Complement the messaging experience with low cost calling directly in your app. Call other apps with data calling or call regular landline and cell phone numbers with app to phone calling for a much lower price than traditional calling. Plus with Sinch, your calls are kept within the app meaning users stay engaged with your app before, during and after the call. Our SDK handles the whole call rather than using the native calling dialer.

Anonymous Calling

Let strangers connect with each other via anonymous calling in your app. This is great for one-time calls or for service apps, where two people need to connect but not exchange personal phone numbers.

This can be used for social messaging but also a range of other apps such as service platforms and more, where a user needs to connect with another unfamiliar user and not give away personal data such as a name, email or phone number.

More features with SMS

Take your app to the next level and use SMS to send notifications, updates and re-engage your users. Use SMS as an alternative to push notifications, taking advantage the much higher open and read rate of SMS compared to traditional communications like email.

Use SMS to send invites to new users or to verify user identity with two factor authentication, all handled with our SMS API.

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