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Sinch for Service Delivery

Integrate mobile communication into your service delivery process to increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

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Are notifications critical to your delivery? Use mobile messaging

Reduce no-shows

Reduce no-shows by delivering appointment reminders via SMS or any other mobile channel. Also, notify standby clients about new appointment availabilities.

Speed up pick-ups

Send alerts about a package delivery or a food order. Keep customers informed to reduce delivery issues like non-pickups or no-shows. Reduce the waiting time of products on shelf.

Secure, fast and reliable account access, thanks to low latency

Use SMS, voice, or flash call verification as a measure of security to identify users. Secure login & sign up from unwanted visitors with number verification and 2FA and make the process smooth.

Anonymize phone numbers and reduce revenue leakage

Allow employees to talk with customers on their phones while keeping numbers private. Use number masking to protect sensitive data while fostering seamless communication.

Keep customers in the know

Inform customers about important account activity. Examples include low balance alerts, password resets, or bill reminders. Select the notification channel and frequency of alerts to your customer’s preferences.

The value of mobile messaging within service delivery

Consumers are 35x more likely to open a mobile message than an email - and you can reach any mobile phone on the planet through native SMS. Add rich media messaging to that, and you not only retain immediacy but add on dynamic content in an app-like experience.






Rich SMS

Maximize conversion rates with seamless and secure verification

Regardless of your business, whether banking, e-commerce, ride-hailing or food delivery, security and great user experience are probably among your top priorities. Verification can help both. Prevent fraud, reduce churn, and enhance engagement by letting your customers verify themselves or their transactions on the spot, quick and easy.

Implement verification in your digital bank and drive brand loyalty while securing customer transactions and preventing fraud. Using verification as single-factor authentication in e-commerce, you can increase conversion rates in your sign-up flow of new customers by 11%, as some of our customers do already.

Use cases

The power of immediacy with service delivery messaging

Reduce non-pickups


Send delivery reminders with the estimated time of arrival via SMS. Or send a personalized SMS informing that an article is available for pick-up. Overall, reduce the costs of wasted deliveries, when the receiver is not present or not there on time.


reduction in no shows


reduction in non-pickups

Reduce appointment no-shows


Missed appointments cost UK General Practitioners over £13,000 on average. SMS reminders informing patients of upcoming dates help reduce the number of missed appointments significantly.


reduction in missed appointments

Seamless sign in and sign up


Use 2FA to verify a user’s phone number. Results in high conversion in the sign-up flow of new customers.


increase in conversion

Secure revenue streams


Allow voice calling between driver and customer, without disclosing personal numbers. When both parties can share numbers, ride-hailing companies get bypassed and revenue loss happens.


revenue leakages


security and privacy measures

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