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Sinch for Customer Care

Handle all inbound customer queries with ease and create personalized experiences at scale.

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The value of conversational messaging in customer care

We power automated customer care through self-service bots and multi-channel APIs that complement your existing tools. Are you interested in serving your customers on their channel of choice? Do you want to deploy a low-code multilingual chatbot to resolve customer questions efficiently? We have the solution for your needs.


Automated chatbots

Live chat

Voice support

Save costs and provide a better service to your customers

Make yourself available to users when and where they need it, by automating commonly asked questions and requests over any communication channel. Streamline your customer care with scripted predefined responses, or free-text capabilities in any language, powered by AI and NLP. Conversations are re-routed to a human when necessary, allowing them to focus on the more complicated requests.

Let customers call you too. Via interactive voice response and automation rules, you can quickly answer questions or direct them to the right agent. Focus on delivering excellent customer care and cut costs simultaneously.

"Thanks to myBo (customer chatbot), Belfius Insurance noted an 87.5% increase in conversions, when comparing the filed claims using myBo to the traditional insurance claim forms."

Use cases

Client benefits

Belfius logo

87.5% increase in insurance claims

The intelligent Belfius Insurance chatbot myBo processes large numbers of insurance claims automatically - with no human intervention!

proximus logo

20-30% drop in HR-related questions

HR virtual assistant YODA helps the Promixus HR department to answer more than 1,000 questions automatically. It gives HR the possibility to focus on assisting employees instead of only answering questions.

proximus logo

120% increase in webshop orders

Sales chatbot Alix helps Proximus customers choose their best subscription package for their needs.

Whatever the scenario, we’ve got your customer care covered

Automate conversations

Use smart chatbots to support the most common questions, combined with handover to an agent. Automate free text or speech dialogues or suggest options to choose from for your customers. Key capabilities include NLP, AI, and support of 100+ languages.

Deliver omni-channel care

Offer chat support on the customer’s preferred channel, whether it be WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other. Chat allows an agent to manage several conversations in parallel, increasing the efficiency of your call center.

Use voice support

Many customers still want to call to get help. Combine your voice channel with IVR, automation rules, and correct handover to an agent. Benefit from improving the customer experience and gaining cost efficiencies with your call center.

Chatlayer.ai - a Sinch Company

Your platform to build high-performing chatbots

Custom built AI, natural language understanding, supports 100+ languages

Sinch recently acquired Chatlayer.ai, a platform to build high performing chatbots. It has custom built AI that outperforms the biggest players in the market for Natural Language Understanding and provides you with insights and advice on how to improve your chatbots.

We simplify building chatbots & voicebots for our enterprise customers

Conversational design

Low code interface

Natural Language Processing

Using AI out-of-the-box without data engineers or machine learning experts

100+ Languages

Instantly understands local languages

APIs to easily connect

Connect to any back-end system or use our standard connectors

Use cases

The power of conversational messaging within customer care

Handling insurance claims

Belfius Insurance

Through the chatbot myBo, Belfius Insurance boosted the number of insurance claims submitted compared to traditional insurance forms.


increase in insurance claims

Choosing subscriptions


Chatlayer.ai developed a sales chatbot named Alix on the Proximus website. Alix helps customers choose their subscription package, making it easy to decide. The chatbot behaves like your best friend, as she is also on Messenger just like most consumers are.


increase in webshop orders

Re-negotiating mortgages


Notify customers via messaging with options to re-negotiate their mortgage rates. Or warn customers of fraudulent credit card use, allowing them to confirm purchases deemed suspicious. Conversational messaging will enable customers to respond quickly.


increase in the number of mortgage re-negotiations


call center costs and deliver a better customer experience

Answering employees

Foyer Group

With the Chatlayer.ai platform, Foyer Group launched its virtual HR assistant Léonie in less than three months. The assistant covers dozens of employee-rated questions and more. For example, employees can find out the number of vacation days they have left, report sick leave, get updates on the traffic situation while commuting or ask it to tell a joke.

Saved time

for the HR team as the assistant takes care of most queries

Automating FAQs

Online shopping

Added WhatsApp as a support channel above e-mail and phone. Chatbot supports the most common questions, combined with handover to an agent.


of conversations handled without human help

180 customers in 70 countries including

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